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Learn to Meditate the Heartfulness way. Discover your inner-Self. Live from the Heart.

Love, Goodness, God, Master, Ultimate, Divinity, Self, Perfection, Peace, Joy. Whatever we may call it, what we are seeking, is somehow, already within us. We seek it through the journey of Self-Discovery, through Meditation. The practice of Meditation strengthens the connection between the Heart and the Mind and with continuous practice one is able to better integrate the Heart-based Living through Heartfulness.

The true value of meditation can only be experienced through practice. You are warmly invited to experience one of our 30 minute meditation sessions scheduled in Downtown, Northwest Houston, Medical Center, Pearland, Clearlake and Seabrook. There is no fee to practice or learn Heartfulness meditation.

We invite you to discover Heartfulness https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=12&v=N-YVbEWTiPk

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A practical experience of Heartfulness meditation

Tyler Public Library

Whether you are looking for a way to relax, find a personal spiritual practice or want to reach the highest levels of human evolution we invite you to experience the wonderful effects of Yogic Transmission through the simple practice of Heartfulness Meditation.
Our method's effectiveness is recognized world-wide for its ability to give results that are tangible and applicable for our daily life. The practice uncovers the potential of the heart's unique qualities and regulates the mind's non-stop activity.
Come prepared for a short talk followed by a half an hour of meditation on the heart. There is no fee to learn or practice this meditation.

International Peace Day by Heartfulness

Online event

*Millions of hearts are coming together to Connect for Peace on 21st September 2021.*

*To register for this free event, visit*


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