CAMP PARADISE: FOUNDATIONS OF ENLIGHTENMENT! WEEKEND GUIDED MEDITATION RETREAT IN THE MOUNTAINS OF WYOMING Guided by Kadam Lucy James and Gen Kelsang Rinzin Retreat is a time to set aside our ordinary activities for the purpose of focusing on a particular spiritual practice. Except as indicated, all retreats are open to everyone. Beginners may prefer the guided retreats, but are welcome to participate in unguided retreats as well. 7:00 pm Friday, June 7 to 1:00 pm noon on Sunday, June 9 This is an incredible opportunity to meditate on all of Buddha's teachings over a blissful weekend in the mountains of Wyoming. The stages of the path to enlightenment, called “Lamrim” in Tibetan, are beautiful meditations that can transform every part of our lives. The heart of modern Buddhism, Lamrim includes all the essential teachings of Buddha in a very accessible and practical presentation, suitable for beginners and more experienced meditators alike. Discover the beauty of meditating on the basics of Buddhism and lift your mind out of the ordinary. The two main trainings on the path to enlightenment, compassion and wisdom, depend upon a solid foundation of basic Buddhist practices. This guided retreat will provide an excellent opportunity to develop this foundation on the initial stages of the path to enlightenment. Whether you are new to Buddhism or have years of experience, please come along and enjoy the expert guidance of two much-loved teachers. Go home refreshed with renewed energy for life. Everyone of all backgrounds and faiths is welcome! Schedule (subject to change) Times Session Friday, June 7 4:00 pm Registration opens 5:30 pm Supper 7:00 - 8:30 pm Session 1 Saturday 9:00 - 10:30 am Session 2 11:30 - 1:00 pm Session 3 4:00 - 5:30 pm Session 4 7:00 - 8:15 pm Session 5 Sunday 9:00 - 10:15 am Session 6 10:45 - 12:00pm Session 7 About Camp Paradise Enjoy the rugged landscape of Wyoming! Camp Paradise is located in a secluded bowl surrounded by ridges about 40 minutes north-west of Wheatland. What they say: "While very comfortable, our 'back to the basics' lodge is not intended to be the Hilton! While simple, our lodge has basic amenities and is designed to help you step back to a simpler time so you can focus on the needs that brought you here." Cost & Registration All prices are per-person, and include the teachings, accommodation, and all meals. If you have special dietary needs, please make note in your registration, or email Heruka Center. [masked] We try to accommodate. There is wide variety of accommodation available, but private rooms are limited. Indoors Most rooms have a combination of bunk beds and a full or queen bed. Please bring your own sleeping bag (or sheets and blanket), pillow, and wash towel. Single room $280 (limited availability, email promptly to book) Double room $209 each (limited availability, email promptly to book) Shared room $185 each Dorm $160 each Campers and Tents Tents, campers, or what-have-you. Bring your own camper! There are twelve spots with electricity and water, but no wastewater. Tents may be placed anywhere on the large property (use reasonable discretion). $120 each for adults in campers and tents. Please observe: We are sorry, but we are unable to accommodate children this year. Registration and Deposit Registration opens February 10. A $50 per person deposit is required at the time of registration. Full payment is required by Friday, May 31. Refunds Deposit is refundable until May 7. Between May 7 and May 31 everything except the deposit is refundable. Refunds Find more infos under https://meditateinfortcollins.org/fort-collins/events/retreats/camp-paradise-foundations-of-enlightenment EVERYONE WELCOME!