What we're about

Our Core Purpose:

Illuminate and expand the conscious awareness of Spiritual Finders so that they surpass their current experiences in their relationship with Self and others, transforming their emotional, mental, Spiritual Well-Being into their Unique Core Purposes.

Core Spiritual Practices:

1. Discernment

Clarity in thinking, feeling. Process thoughts, emotions, information via

2. Detachment

comprehension of information (words (read or spoken)/ emotions/ actions) in a non-bias, non-judgemental manner

3. Compassion

With tact and presence,

Without coercion, imposing onto another via our thoughts, speech, emotions

4. Forgiveness

Forgive self and others for the ignorance, impulses, unkind deeds

5. Groundedness

So that the “information given and received” can be translated, acted on, created, manifested in this physical world when we are present, mindful of all steps, deeds that are necessary and aligned to our Purposes.

Community Ground Rules:

1. This meetup group REQUIRE

• Personal Responsibility

• Respect to Others

2. Meditating with Crystals (MwC) as a community stands for Transformation, Transmutation and Empowerment.

(All sharings, will be empowering and appropriate to context)

3. Participants to leave EGO and all intentional dis-empowering words, thoughts at the door or be shown the door during actual meetup.

Please do not bring in unnecessary vibes or thought forms in comparison with other groups. If you are seeking for a group to resonate with, it is absolutely fine with us. We do not need to know the details of what happen or your experience with other groups.

4. We are tolerant in general. Tolerance ends when these topics are breached:

• Religion (We don’t practice religion; we have our faith and our spiritual practices)

• LGBT/ Transgender (Everyone have their privacy, choices and options. Please show respect to others if you are looking for respect in return).

• Hijacking of session into personal counselling for what's not going on right in our respective lives or attempt to lead the session astray/ out of topic. This is not the space for you. Please contact a coach or counselor who might be able to assist you better.

5. Participants attempting to mis-lead people or “read minds” physically or psychically/ energetically without permission will be shown the door and forever banned from this community.

Everybody deserves freedom of choice to choose and act out their Life. Please DO NOT infringe on other people’s Lives.

About Meditating with Crystals:

1. Grounded in practical (ability to take action and see results) reality (what is in the Now) to support serious spiritual finders in their journey, open up doorways for them to fulfill their purpose and potential

2. Sharing and practice of meditation for health, mental, emotional, spiritual well-being, MwC's practitioners actively work and support others full time in their professional lives. This is not a game or a feel-good group for us. We are very serious in supporting people who are in their journey and growing.

3. (Point 3 apply to Regulars only)

In-depth practices utilizing tools such as crystals, and other developmental techniques/ framework to support our Regulars to consistently be a better version of themselves.

4. Debunk myths regarding spirituality, dogma and other rigid practices that causes more suffering than elevating Life Purpose.

5. Guide, sow and spread the seeds for others in their own development journey, doesn't matter how far or fast they are in their spiritual path.

6. Explore psychology, developmental frameworks, tools to elevate our energy, spiritual philosophies, discuss and apply them to oneself based on one’s own ability to discern and comfort level.

8. We exist in our own Way, walk in our own path within the spiritual realm for development of Self and Others.

9. We welcome members who are open to exploration.

Respect Yourself, Ourselves via our Words, Thoughts, Emotions, Intention, Spiritually and the same will be returned many folds from the universe.

If you fall into the above described psychographic, we welcome you with open arms to join us on this spiritual journey!

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