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Wednesday Night Meditation Class Lincoln St. Church
I am offering 6 Wednesday night classes this fall. Come to as many as you like, no need to sign up for a series. Sundays are now reserved for private clients- If you are interested in learning how to meditate privately please check my website for details. Learn simple ways to use meditation to lower your stress and anxiety from a daily meditator who teaches classes through Human Solutions, The Wallace Medical Concern and the Portland Housing Authority non-profits as well as private clients. I have a very keen interest in lowering stress in the world by teaching meditation and making it a simple, easy, and accessible for everyone. I've transformed my own life with meditation, you can too. Classes will include guided meditation instructions on how to bring the physical and mental benefits of meditation into your everyday life with a variety of meditation tools. These classes are great for those new to meditation who are looking for a fully guided way to bring the stress relieving benefits of meditation into their lives. Let's learn how to work with and welcome our busy minds in meditation Each class is appropriate for absolute beginners, adults who can sit through a one hour class, older mature teens. (Please, no young children.) *Please note* this is NOT a silent meditation session, manifestation, Buddhist sangha, meditation for experts or a donation based/ free class. Price: $12 per class. Cash or check, (Sorry, no credit or debit cards. Paypal available through my website.) If you want to pay for all 6 classes at once, I offer that at a discount for $60. Classes will be exploring meditation for anxiety and addressing stress at its root using elements of the non-denominational Simple, Easy, Every Day™ SEED method which are breath awareness, working with thoughts in meditation, self inquiry, simple mantra, --a beautiful toolkit to explore. No floor sitting or experience required. Each class touches aspects of how to start and nurture your own meditation practice and how to utilize tools in meditate to lower stress. You will not feel lost or behind, no matter where you start. Seating: Chairs and floor cushions are provided. If you want to bring your own cushion/backjack/whatever works for you please feel free. Disability Access: There is an easy wheelchair accessible elevator available from the sidewalk up to the meditation meeting. Hope to see you there!

Lincoln St Methodist Church

5145 Se Lincoln St · Portland

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Let's learn how to meditate even if we have busy minds while learning how to get the physical and mental benefits of meditation into our lives.

If the feeling that you have to quiet your mind or get a new religion before you learn to meditate has put you off, this class is for you. You won't have to empty your mind, sit on the floor, or have a new belief system to learn how to bring the many benefits of meditation into your life.

Classes will be offered again in fall of 2018 for a block of weeks TBA at the Lincoln Street Church, open attendance, 6:45 to 7:45pm. Group classes are $12 per class or if you like, you can buy the whole block for a discount TBA. Thank you to all those who have attended so far!

I'm a daily meditator who has had very good teachers and now I'm trained in teaching, too. I have a very keen interest in lessening the suffering in this world by teaching meditation and making it a simple, easy, and accessible for everyone. I also teach people who don't have much access to meditation classes through several Portland non-profit groups: Human Solutions, Wallace Medical Concern and Home Forward.

Sunday mornings have now switched to private clients so if you'd like to learn how to meditate with a private teacher in a cozy artist's loft, contact me. I teach in peoples homes and will also have a private space available soon at an artist's loft in SE Portland.

The meetup classes will be drop- in, you don't have to sign up for a series. Classes are for beginners, suitable for adults or older, mature teens.

I can make one guarantee: you will never regret learning how to meditate.

Please note: *This is not a silent meditation class, an 8 week mindfulness course, a Buddhist Sangha, or a free class. It is not for advanced meditators but those looking to bring meditation into their lives simply and easily.

Please be able to sit quietly and calmly through a one hour class. Class is not suitable for small children. It's okay, some people are just not ready to sit quietly for an hour. It's helpful to know whether it's right for you at this time.

Classes will include body relaxation, focus on the breath, silent mantra, heart centered meditations, finding peace in the moment, contemplative meditations and instructions on how to bring the physical and mental benefits of meditation into your everyday life in multiple and simple ways with enjoyable tools. Hope to see you in class!

Please feel free to contact me. Myla

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