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Meditative Workshops - Online Via Skype - Brookdale Community College

- We are all recovering from some imperfect past whether it has to do with stress, anxiety, emotions, food, drugs, alcohol, or something else. I have discovered, in people, a great potential for being relaxed and happy in life, so...

- I have developed a series of group workshops that help people - especially those who at first didn't really think they could - learn to relax, be happy, move beyond obstacles, and grow forward to enjoy life.

- Join us Each Week, via Skype, for a different combination of Mediation, NLP and Hypnosis to keep yourself growing forward into life's greater and greater-than direction. From Deep Relaxation all the way to How To Be Happy, each workshop offers important pieces of the puzzle.

- Please feel free to contact me via email ( and let me know what kinds of things you would like to have addressed (anonymously) in the next group session. Private / More Personalized Sessions Are Available By Request.

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- This is an online community for you and those who are deciding to use the past as a springboard to grow forward into a greater and greater future.

- My mission is to create a community of people who 1) learn to discover their own unique ability to relax and enjoy life and 2) who stick around to inspire and encourage others who need to find this within themselves as well.

I look forward to working with you and your family of friends in order to get to and really enjoy living a greater and greater life!


Nate Fegan is a certified professional Life Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Hypnotist. He teaches group meditation classes (for how to meditate) at Brookdale Community College. He teaches meditation, nlp and hypnosis workshops at Advanced Health and Education (a drug rehab and alcohol treatment center). Nate also provides specialized one-on-one lessons for how to eliminate stress and anxiety in order to relax and be happy in life. For more info, visit:

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