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This group is open to all levels of meditators, from beginner to advanced. But be prepared because you won't be beginner for long. We are going to dive right into the power of self-love and self- forgiveness and manifesting the change you are ready to create in your MIND... your life will follow.

About me; in my private practice, I work with clients from all over the world to overcome shock and trauma, and debilitating physical ailments, to find their own inner healer and restart their lives from a place of potency and inner stillness. My practice is called Origin Forces, and I have been in practice for over 20 years, and also teach hands-on therapy.

Meditation is a very key aspect of wellness. They say the last world ended from the great flood, and now we are in an Information Flood. An important technology to keep yourself strong in these times is with techniques of meditation. I have studied Buddhism, Hinduism, with Sikhs, vipassana, Sufis, traditional osteopaths and many indigenous tribes in their practices of focusing the mind.

The break-down: we will sit for an hour broken into two meditations. There will be some explanation and some readings to guide us as a group into deep meditative space.

This is not guided meditation however, and this is not a sound bath. This is you- learning how to train your mind. It is so much easier and more powerful with a group of people, please do not be worried if you are new to this. And if you are very experienced, please come with a beginner's mind, and also ready to share with the community.

We will be together for 90 minutes and those who care to socialize after I will have tea, this is my office space and my home, please come respectfully or not at all.

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