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Theme- Heart Chakra: (1) Balancing of male and female energies, (2) Better control over emotions, receiving and giving love, (3) Creative power over your ego, (4) Achieving wisdom and inner strength, (5) Obstacles and problems became easier to overcome, (6) Reaching cosmic love and inspiration, (7) Impacts heart, lungs, breasts, shoulders, arms.

You are more than just a flesh and blood body with a mind and a slew of conflicting emotions. You are an energy being! Everything that you do, think or say emits a vibration, which resonates with anything around you that is of like vibration. You are constantly creating yourself at every moment; however, you do not always realize that you are a conscious creator, because you focus all of your energy on "what is" and therefore you continue to create more of "what is" in your life. You have inherited all the power and knowledge that belongs to Source, but you have forgotten that you have this power.

Reiki Grandmaster Academy Group Meditation is designed to help you remember who you really are! Every week, we will explore a different facet of our energy. Some of the topics we will look at include the energy of healing, the energy of your thoughts and of your emotions, the energy of Source and how to become one with your source, the energy of Love and how to achieve complete unity, the energy of meditation, and so on.


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