What we're about

This Singapore-based meditation,healing & spiritual consciousness exchange group is to create awareness, share knowledge in spiritual,esoteric,metaphysical,healing subjects and be actively involved in service of humanity & the environment. We would be connecting, exchanging skills and knowledge with other spiritual-minded meditation & healing practitioners in a friendly, safe & supportive environment. In these meetups we will learn how to access our heart guidance in daily life and find a spiritual solution to every problem. You will learn:

- How to differentiate between heart and brain guidance
- How to find solutions to all problems in our daily life no matter what the problem is.
- Learn how to "Open your Heart" to replace all garbage with Love & Light
- Be more peaceful, calm, loving & compassionate in daily life
- Learn to meditate joyfully without effort
- Learn to see the world and others from your heart rather than your brain
- Understand about your real spiritual journey and why we are here.
- Deepen your meditation and healing abilities
- Learn about different levels of consciousness (brain, soul and spirit)

Who is it for:

This group is designed for those who want to meet up with a group of like-minded individuals who are interested in spirituality, healing, how to improve their lives and the deeper meaning of life. For people seeking spiritual growth this is a way to achieve faster evolvement through engaging the collective & real participation in service to others.

Learn more about this Meetup Group

We will have meetups involving guided meditation, short talks, social gatherings and activities so that we can get to know each other and talk about what really matters in life.

This is great for anyone who simply wants to make more friends with similar interests in personal understanding, Psychology, New age ideas, Philosophy etc.

We focus heavily on making sure everyone has ample opportunity to get to know each other so that we can make lasting friendships and enjoy ourselves with personal development type activities.

All proceeds of healing,psychic reading & other services will go to
help orphanage & charitable organisations.

Note :

My personal belief is that everyone deserves to be surrounded by people who bring out the very best in them, so with this group we aim to bring everyone together, so everyone can be themselves completely without judgement

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