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Every week on Saturday

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Free instruction and practice of Rudra meditation with teacher Hugh Resnick.

Takes place weekly in his home practice room just south of downtown.

Please ARRIVE 5 to 10 minutes early.

So as not to disturb class, we will NOT answer the door after 10 am.

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". . . open and expand and surrender and. . . increase the flow. And this is only what counts. It's only what matters. It is because what crystallizes a man is a lack of flow. You take in this volume and it washes through. This energy comes in and washes through, and washes out all of the imperfections and impurities. So you don't crystallize.

The thing that limits a person in growing is his mind, that sorts and begins to attack the material that comes through. And he can't absorb because there is so much tension built up, that eventually the mind crystallizes.

But if you increase the volume and the depth and the flow, then it all washes through and it purifies itself. It is like a great sewer that is washing through and taking out all the imperfections."

--Swami Rudrananda (Rudi), Transcript of Talk, Jan. 9, 1973

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