What we're about

Are you interested in enhancing and improving your commitment to your meditation practice? If so, The Meditation Support Group is for you. The Meditation Support Group is for anyone, regardless of religious or faith tradition, who is interested in using their meditation to grow personally and spiritually. Meeting regularly with others who are meditating can be a boost and an inspiration to us to maintain our practice. The group meets in two locations. One location in Deland and one in Orlando, Florida. We meet for one hour with the first half of the time dedicated to meditation and the second to short readings, discussion and sharing around a topic related to growing in our meditative practice. Anyone who wishes just to share in the fellowship of group meditation is welcome to stay for the first half of the time and leave before the readings or the socializing. We observe a minute of silence at the end of the meeting for those who wish to depart while in a full meditative state. This is an informal gathering. There is no charge or donation.