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Dharma Talk on Buddha Nature

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Buddha Nature led by Michael Gregory

The root word Buddha in Sanskrit means to wake up or to know, and he or she who wakes up to reality as it is without conceptual fabrications and destructive emotion is called a Buddha. It's as simple as that. The capacity to wake up and to love, which are the most essential aspects of every living being, is called Buddha Nature.

All phenomena of the universe, audible and inaudible, tangible and intangible, sentient and even insentient, are the clear and ceaseless expression of Buddha Nature.

The pointing out instructions and methods for directly experiencing Buddha Nature, the very essence of your being, will be given in a step-by-step manner during this four-and-a-half month course.

All are welcome in this advanced meditation series presented by former monk and long-term meditation retreat instructor Michael Gregory.

May you be happy, may you be well, safe, peaceful and at ease🙏

Meet at 6pm at the Retreat center to eat dinner together (bring your own meal)

Class starts promptly at 7pm.

Carpool Information:

Sarasota: 5PM - Home Depot Parking Lot off of Bee Ridge on Cattleman Drive (near the Gardening section)


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