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This group is for people who are learning meditation and deepening in their practice. It's also for people interested in tea & meditation. Everyone is invited! I've created this to bring together like-hearted and minded people, to nurture joy, and deepen community bonds. Our time together will vary between meditation, tea ceremony & meditation, outdoor meditation, guided, and silent. Don't worry, I'll make it very clear so you come to what suites you :)

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Dream Adventures

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Dream Adventures - A five week course taught by Sandy

In this exciting series you will learn everything that you’ve ever wanted to know about your dreams. Not only will you discover ways to improve the quality of your dreams but you'll learn methods to remember them better and even interpret them. I'll show you how to heal yourself through lucid dreaming and how to consciously leave your body and have amazing adventures on the astral plane.

What kind of adventures can you have in your dreams you ask? Well... you can:

- Learn how to fly in your dreams
- Breath underwater
- Visit other dimensions
- Meet up with loved ones on the other side
- Access information that you've been looking for
- Attend work out classes on the astral
- Improve your life
- Open up a world of possibility
- Work through the energies of past lives
- Heal your dream space
- And explore your potential.

With practice the sky is the limit.

So, if you are ready to go on a spiritual adventure and step into a new level of spiritual connection, then this class is for you. In it you will safely set yourself up to successfully conquer the unseen world,

You can sign up here:

This is an advanced energetic class and it is open for all students that have completed Intuitive Meditation I and II. We will start on Thursday, March 10th at 6.30 pm on zoom and the class runs for 5 weeks. If you have not completed the Intuitive Meditation class yet, there will be a new round of Intuitive Meditation starting on January 11th 2022 at 6.30 pm. You will finish up just in time to start exploring your dreams.

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Intuitive Meditation

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