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Change Your Mind, Change Your World

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Change Your Mind, Change Your World:

New Approaches to Life, Love, and Happiness

(Advice from Atisha’s Heart, Part 1)

September 1: When the student is ready...

September 8: Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary

September 15: Eight pitfalls along the path

September 22: Making the time that we have meaningful

September 29: Keeping a smiling face and a loving mind

October 6: Taming the Wild Mind

We often try to change our life "from the outside in." But sometimes we may change our job or our living situation only to find that we are still dissatisfied with our life. During this series, learn how to change "from the inside out." By changing our mind and learning to be more peaceful, loving, and positive, we can learn to be happy whether or not our life changes externally.

This series is the first of two in which we will explore a short text known as "Advice from Atisha's Heart." Atisha's "Advice" was originally given several centuries ago, but it is still just as applicable today in our modern, busy world as it was in the past.

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