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Join us to explore the path of inner transformation and healing through guided meditations, discussion evenings, workshops and courses. No previous experience is needed. Using guided meditation, energy healing and crystals each meditation circle is designed to help you shift energetically. The courses and workshops provide "hands on" opportunities to discover your inner healer and explore working with vibrational energy.

This is a space for people who are invested in their own personal energetic transformation. It is a safe and sacred space to come together with like minded seekers, to learn about various energy modalities and to explore different paths of healing and transformation in a fun and creative way. The only requirement is your commitment to healing and transforming your life and enable your ascension to a higher vibrational level of being and living.

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Rites of the Munay-Ki - Evolve your Energy Body: Explanatory Talk

AnamCara's Healing


NB: FEES IN RANDS NOT DOLLARS The Munay-Ki are 9 Energy attunements to realign and upgrade your energy field. Join me to discover more about these fascinating and powerful energy attunements The talk will cover: The origins of the Munay-Ki, Benefits of the 9 Rites, the 7 Archetypal energies used in the rites, How trauma/fears are healed with these Rites, the use of Pi-stones (crystal donuts) How the rites can support your personal development. Booking essential. Please bring a cushion to sit on - a chair will be provided if this is more comfortable for your.

Detox Your Energy Body - Conscious Creators Class 11

AnamCara's Healing


NB FEES IN RANDS NOT DOLLARS Energy blockage build up within the physical body causing stress and anxiety eventually leading to ill health. A detox of the physical body can help to clear and reset the Energy Body. Class Content: How energy blocks lock into the physical body, Benefits of a detox, Types of detoxing, Safety in detoxing, Fasting (Intermitant and Dry), Seasonal detox cycles, Therapies that assist the body to shift toxic accumulation, Energy keys to great longevity and health. Booking essential. Please bring a cushion to sit on during the class.

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Divine Feminine and Mediation Circle

AnamCara's Healing


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