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Mindfulness for Kids
What is Yoga Nidra and Why it Benefits Kids? Yoga Nidra translates as Yogic Sleep – an ancient sleep-based meditation technique that includes breathing and relaxation techniques and also assists in creating a different relationship with stress producing thoughts and emotions. Focusing primarily on quieting the mind, Yoga Nidra combines mindfulness practices into a series of breath, body and awareness techniques which allows a deeper brainwave state than typical mindfulness meditation. Because Yoga Nidra is done while lying down, it is very comfortable, making it accessible to all ages and backgrounds including those who may be affected by physical impairments. All practices of Yoga, including Yoga Nidra, will support a child’s ability to learn, to take in and digest information at school, and to develop individuality and interests. Not only is stress increasing in adults, but kids as well. Even children who may be “pre-verbal” still experience “feelings” and physiologically react to adult arguments such as increased heart rate, higher blood pressure and stress hormones in the urine. This stress and conflict relate to kids’ ability to do well in the classroom and in the workforce as they grow up. Stress affects emotional regulation, memory and problem-solving abilities. The higher the stress the greater effect it has on standardized test scores. Therefore, when kids are less stressed, they learn better. Stressful events may impact a child’s health and well-being almost immediately. It may contribute to learning disabilities and can increase the risk of developing health problems as an adult. Yoga Nidra for Kids: -Able to be customized as relatable to each child -Includes focus on the senses- inward and outward -Offers physical components to explore outward senses before turning inward -Allows opportunities to explore body sensation, exertion, story, and imagination -Allows opportunities to talk about specific experiences and describe what they see/feel/experience -Offering an artistic outlet such as drawing or painting is an additional option for children to express their experiences after Yoga Nidra -Yoga Nidra addresses most if not all conditions and symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, Conduct Disorders, Anti-Social Behavior, Aggressiveness/Fighting, Substance Abuse, Bed Wetting, Sleep Disorders, Learning Disorders, Acting Out, Hyperactivity, Lack of Focus, Withdrawn, Low Self Esteem, Difficulty with academic achievements, Inattentiveness, and ADHD. This class is also paired with sound healing. Cost per child is $10. Suggested age groups 3 to 8, but older children are welcome and would benefit. ***Bring a Friend and receive HALF OFF Bring 2 Friends and your admission is FREE!!*** Please bring mats, blankets, pillow, or even a favorite stuffed animal! Anything that might make you and your child supremely comfortable. Come relax with your children! Bring a Friend and receive HALF OFF Bring 2 Friends and your admission is FREE!!! We invite you to follow Nicole Anne Yoga on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter to learn more about our team! You can also join our newsletter on our website at to learn more These are private events; all questions should be directed to (847)[masked] or email [masked]

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In these events, you will be guided through a meditation called Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep) followed by a Sound Healing experience. Yoga Nidra is a guided sleeping meditation that is open to all levels and we welcome beginners! It is as restorative as three hours of deep sleep! Everybody needs this! The second half of the event will be a sound bath that will consist of the gongs, crystal healing bowls, ocean drum, rain stick, and other meditation instruments. We encourage all to come and check us out!

We will also be hosting $5 Yoga every Saturday morning at The Nile in Mesa in the main room. We have found a great team of instructors for each session for those desire movement. Bring a mat!! They have a Vegan Cafe where they serve brunch every Saturday also!!

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