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Inner Peace and Outer Dynamism
Hello everyone!!! So welcome to the first session that I am hosting in buffalo. We will start by introducing ourselves and I will go over the agenda quickly. We will be doing some light sitting yoga asanas and pranayams that harmonize our energies and then do a guided meditation by Sri Sri. We will be finishing off with a discussion on some knowledge and maybe some satsang. You will be leaving with a sense of fulfillment and all the stress from the day will melt off so that you can start again with a renewed focus and uncluttered mind. You can bring your yoga mat if you want, water, comfortable clothes. There is no charge for this event.


1335 Millersport Highway Apt 7 · Buffalo, ny

What we're about

The purpose of this meetup is to bring together people of all sections, race, sex, creed and grow together in harmony with our environment. We are inclined towards creating a better society by bringing tools and techniques to individuals that remove anxiety and stress from life. We do meditation, yoga and self introspection to bring about transformations in our own life. At the same time we dance, sing and celebrate life and its various offerings. And last but not the least we do some service for the society and contribute to others well being.
So just come on over for a session of energizing yoga or a relaxing meditation.

"Your company can pull you up or pull you down. The company that drags you towards doubt, dejection, blame, complaints, anger, delusion, and desires is bad company. The company that pulls you up towards joy, enthusiasm, service, love, trust, and Knowledge is good company." ---Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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