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Transform Your Difficult Emotions NOW

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Emotional Liberation with Becca Williams

Enlightenment Can Come Later. Transform Your Difficult Emotions NOW

We’re confused … “Spiritual Enlightenment" can wait. The missing link is EMOTIONS. It’s about learning to handle & process your self-defeating and destructive emotions so you can navigate life in clear, centered clarity.

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I’m Becca Williams and excited to be having this gathering at Mayu Sanctuary with its remarkable mission for inner exploration.

We'll continue to experience the revolutionary “Emotional Liberation” approach so that you can learn to release self-limiting patterns of fear & anxiety, depression, self-doubt, anger, sadness, shame, overwhelm, boredom, unworthiness.

These transformative journeys in emotional self-healing embrace specific kundalini practices, which are strikingly different from the quiet sitting of mindfulness practices.

We'll begin our time together getting settled – a brief group conversation and instructions on our afternoon practice. We then embark upon an exceptional exploratory afternoon of renewal.

I'll guide us through active Eastern body and breath movements that will ground our intentions and connect us energetically. With specially selected music, we’ll align breath, movement and sound to activate our energy body which is the portal to deep transformative physical and emotional healing. These approaches will reconnect you with yourself at the deepest and most intimate level and give you fresh INNER perspective to serve as a compass for your life.

You’ll want to wear comfortable clothes (i.e. loose pants), bring a water bottle and journal to take notes after your experience. Mayu has sitting cushions but I invite you to also bring any other gear you’d like for greater comfort.

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All Ages and Levels Welcome.

$10 ADVANCE ordered on-line before day of/ $17 at the door

Plan to be on time! Doors close at 1:05p.

This may be a good fit for you if …

• You’re a mindfulness meditator and are curious how ancient, active kundalini practices can support your emotional wellbeing.

• You haven’t been a regular meditator because the quiet sitting practices have not come easy for you.

• You want to enliven your talk therapy sessions with new emotional “gold” that surfaces during Emotional Liberation experiences.

• You want to strengthen and condition your nervous system to optimize the release and reset of your physical and emotional constitution.

Becca's Bio

As an “Emotional Liberation” teacher and ceremonialist, Becca guides participants through active powerful meditation practices from the ancient kundalini meditation tradition. These Emotional Liberation approaches engage energy channels to rewire patterns in your brain and reorganize your nervous system to open the door to deeper awareness for emotional healing and wellbeing. Becca is trained as a clinical nutritionist and has been a group facilitator, speaker and mentor for personal and collective transformation for more than two decades. She believes communal gatherings such as these help to deepen our experiences of life and add richness and meaning, something that is so desperately needed in our modern distracted lives.

Questions: contact Becca at[masked] or [masked] or visit