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Curious to try meditation weekly? Experience the life-changing benefits of meditation for first timers / beginners. No previous experience is needed.This is a very basic class with growing along the way. Start feeling happier, more energised and less stress.

I have a passion to deliver meditation for first timers to combat the negative impact of stress and increase health and wellbeing.

5 reasons to meditate: Reduce stress and anxiety - Experience greater happiness and wellbeing - Increase your energy and vitality - Be more self-aware and present - Have greater focus and clarity

Research has established that meditation produces tangible benefits for our health & wellness including: decreased blood pressure & hypertension, - lowered cholesterol levels - increased production of the anti-aging hormone DHEA, - depression and insomnia. Meditation has been recognized as one of the most powerful techniques available to restore balance & vitality on mental, emotional & physical levels.

"Remember...the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you" - Rumi

The goal of the meditation series is to provide participants with foundational tools of focused awareness, the principles of healing and the keys to starting a meditation practice.

Try meditation and join us.

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