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40 Day Challenge - A Search Inside Yourself Online Course
40 Day guide of subtle shifts for radical change and unlimited happiness. Simple consistent changes in our thinking and action can lead to the miraculous in all aspects of our daily lives. Join the journey with us for subtle changes daily to lead to Good To Great Living. Workshop: $49 Includes 6 weeks unlimited yoga at the studio and recommended to add more value with moving from Good to Great Life experience. HOW IT WORKS: This course begins the morning of September 24th. You will receive a lesson every morning for 40 days. Takes about 15-20 minutes AM/PM investment of time to complete each day. More information on Blue Pearl Website: under workshop tab. You also can find a sample lesson to download to review. Like any effective practice, true transformation occurs with daily repetition. Begin with a 40 Day commitment and start experiencing positive results immediately. It's the simple, consistent shifts that count when you're making change -- so this course has be outlined to be fun and achievable. It will guide you to keep it uncomplicated and stay on track. By choosing to follow this plan for the next six weeks, you will begin to reprogram your thoughts from FEAR to LOVE. Each week builds upon the next, layering exercises and strengthening our mental muscles. Each day incorporates the same outline to create repetition within your daily routine and in your mind. As you repeat these practices, they'll become easier and easier until they become second nature. Though you may experience some bumps along the way, making the shift can be easy if you want it. When you're willing to change, you're given all the energy and support you need to move forward. Commit to each exercise and expect miracles! WEEK ONE: Becoming Miracle Minded Day 1: Witnessing Your Fears Day 2: Willingness to Change Day 3: Choose a New Perspective Day 4: Gratitude Is The Attitude Day 5: Forgiveness Day 6: Expect Miracles Day 7: Reflect & Prepare WEEK TWO: A New Self-Perception "The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." Alice Walker Day 8: Witness Your Self-Inflicted Fear Day 9: Become Willing To Love Yourself Day 10: I Choose To Love Myself Today Day 11: Self Gratitude Day 12: Forgiveness Day 13: Go Big & Expect Miracles Day 14: Reflect & Prepare WEEK THREE: Body Image. Our bodies are a vehicle for growth and healing. Day 15: A New Reflection Day 16: My Body Is Light Day 17: What Do I Choose To See In the Mirror? Day 18: Gettin' My Gratitude On Day 19: The Inverse of the Fog Day 20: The Miracle Of Your Body Day 21: Reflect and Prepare WEEK FOUR: Relationships Day 22: Witness Your Ego's Special Illusions Day 23: Be Willing To Turn Your Ego Over To Your ~ING Day 24: Kindess Created Me Kind Day 25: Be Grateful For The Purpose Of The Relationship Day 26: "F" Everyone Day 27: Miraculous Relationships Day 28: Reflect and Prepare WEEK FIVE: Raise Your Self-Worth, Raise Your Net Worth "If you dwell Within Abundance You Will Have Abundance. " -Marianne Williamson DAY 29: Witness Your Financial Fears Day 30: Willing To Change Day 31: A Financial Shift Day 32: Gratitude Creates Abundance Day 33: The "F" in Finance Is For Foregiveness Day 34: Money & Miracles Day 35: Reflect & Prepare WEEK SIX: Working Miracles "If you're feeling helpless, help someone." -Aung San Suu Kyi Day 36: Witness Your Ways In The World Day 37: Listen Up! Day 38: Shift From Me To We Day 39: Gratitude To The World Day 40: A Letter of Forgiveness Day 41: You Are A Miracle Worker Day 42: Reflect and Celebrate Final Day: Conclusion: ​ Living A Miraculous Life Reach out with any questions......

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Curious to try meditation weekly? Experience the life-changing benefits of meditation for first timers / beginners. No previous experience is needed.This is a very basic class with growing along the way. Start feeling happier, more energised and less stress.

I have a passion to deliver meditation for first timers to combat the negative impact of stress and increase health and wellbeing.

5 reasons to meditate: Reduce stress and anxiety - Experience greater happiness and wellbeing - Increase your energy and vitality - Be more self-aware and present - Have greater focus and clarity

Research has established that meditation produces tangible benefits for our health & wellness including: decreased blood pressure & hypertension, - lowered cholesterol levels - increased production of the anti-aging hormone DHEA, - depression and insomnia. Meditation has been recognized as one of the most powerful techniques available to restore balance & vitality on mental, emotional & physical levels.

"Remember...the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you" - Rumi

The goal of the meditation series is to provide participants with foundational tools of focused awareness, the principles of healing and the keys to starting a meditation practice.

Try meditation and join us.

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