What we're about

We are a worldwide organization dedicated to transforming lives
through meditation. At our events you will learn about the many
benefits of meditation and how meditation can improve your life.
You will also receive instructions on how to meditate and have
an opportunity to practice this simple meditation technique.
Anyone who is curious about meditation, wants to connect with a
group to meditate together, progress spiritually or is simply
curious about us is welcome to attend.

The meditation practice taught by Science of Spirituality is unique in its simplicity and effectiveness and is free of charge.

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Take Your Meditation To The Next Level Webinar

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With information overload and distractions constantly bombarding us, it's rewarding to experience how meditation can help dissolve fear and anxiety, and help us achieve a place of calm within our very selves. However, like anything of value, meditation requires diligence, patience, and persistence.

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All Science of Spirituality programs are free of charge. This class will introduce you to the simple but powerful technique of Science of Spirituality Meditation. Meditation is your private retreat from the problems of the world –a place of peace and tranquility. Anyone can do it. No special clothes. No special postures–and you can meditate anytime, anywhere.

Your Soul: Your Inner Source of Wisdom Webinar

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There’s a vast difference between knowledge and wisdom. Whereas the mind seeks knowledge that will help itself, wisdom comes from the soul and is concerned with the wellbeing of others. This webinar will help you learn how to remove the blockages preventing you from accessing your soul and its extraordinary quality of inner wisdom. It all starts with meditation.

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All are Welcome! Science of Spirituality programs are free of charge.

Global Meditation in Place

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Join Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj for a streamed Global Meditation in Place event. The program is attended by thousands of people from around the world as they come together to meditate for spiritual growth and inner peace.

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Spirituality as a Science Webinar

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Using the laboratory of our body, with the constituents of love, concentration, and focus, we can prove the benefits of meditation just like we would in any other scientific discipline. Attend this webinar to learn a meditation technique that will help us uncover the secrets of the soul so that we experience the bliss, peace, and joy that are inherent to our true nature.
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