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We generally alternate between practicing one of two meditations that traditionally complement each other – the Mindfulness of Breathing ( and Development of Loving-kindness ( These meditations were popularized by Shakyamuni Buddha, and Patanjali, and are two of the most common non-religious meditation practices used all across Asia. ☯ You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself. ☯

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What we're about

This non-religious committed group meets 2-3x /week to meditate for 30-45 minutes together in a quiet, comfortable atmosphere. This is open to everyone, whether you're new to meditation or have been meditating for many years. Please come join us to center, find balance, rejuvenation and meet great people!

What We Do

The Mindfulness of Breathing ( meditation gives you the tools to anchor your experience on the kinetic sensation of the breath, allowing for increased focus within a broader context of empathetic awareness. This method of mind training was taught and practiced long before the historical Buddha cultivated it on the night of his Awakening. By learning this simple practice, you become connected with a long and venerable tradition.

The Development of Loving-kindness ( meditation changes neural pathways toward experiences that normally lead to reactive emotions, through setting aside time to develop loving-kindess toward oneself and others. Loving-kindness is considered the root emotion for all higher states of consciousness in ancient Indian psychology. It is also one of only two universally prescribed meditations in the Buddhist tradition, and is the first meditation practice Patanjali recommends for yogis.

Everything is better when shared—including meditation.

Just like music, meditation can be enjoyed on its own or with others who dance to the same beat. You can feel a real connection with others by tapping into the same silence and source of peace at the same time. 🕉

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