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Guided Group Meditation: designed for advanced practitioners.

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Price: $10.00 /per person
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Join us each Tuesday evening for a guided group meditation. This session is designed for advanced practitioners.

In the Advanced stages, you have a solid foundation in understanding the process of meditation, as well as practicing meditation. You now explore and transcend the subtler aspects of your inner world.

Now you are ready to explore the normally unexamined inner world. The deep unconscious that might have previously been avoided is now invited to come forward for introspection. Principles such as the four functions of mind (manas, chitta, ahamkara, and buddhi) are seen quite clearly. The inner process speeds up as more and more of the deep impressions driving karma are seen, examined, and weakened in the depths of meditation.

After accepting the unconscious material, you leave behind memories, pictures, and words. You examine and explore the inner instruments themselves, such as the subtle energies and elements, which are the very building blocks of ourselves as individuals. Gradually, you move past even these, traveling into and through even the subtlest channel of light and sound, to the absolute reality of who you really are as pure being or consciousness.

This is not a class but rather an opportunity to experience meditation in a group setting. Suggested donation of $10.00 but if that is not possible... come anyway. We want you there.

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