Finding Peace in Daily Life: Developing & Maintaining Inner Peace

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This Thursday, June 20, we will begin a new series looking more personally at our lives and asking ourselves what is preventing real inner peace from being experienced now? Buddha's ancient teachings are called “Dharma” which literally means “protection.” When we integrate Dharma into our daily life our mind becomes protected from all the exhausting worries that otherwise poison our every moment and takes away our joy. The practical methods of these teachings give us specific ways to develop and maintain our inner peace through meditation, regardless of external conditions. Although the mind may think, "Yes, I know this," we in fact know it very superficially with a type of knowing that doesn't actually change anything. Buddhist practice is all about actually changing our lives by truly changing our minds.

In this series, we will explore what keeps our inner peace from manifesting. We will look deeply at the peace-disrupting minds that personally bind us to unhappiness. Anger, competitiveness, jealousy, attachment, and other deluded mind states that arise from our basic ignorance can systematically be reduced, eliminated, and replaced by minds of profound love, acceptance, inclusion, compassion, concentration and wisdom. In this way we can help ourselves and others dissolve the obstacles to inner peace not just for a few moments, weeks, or days, but permanently. Our Thursday schedule for the next four weeks will be as follows:

June 20 - Discover Your True Happiness

June 27 - Identifying Distorted Views of Self & Others

July 11 - Receiving Inspiration & Encouragement

July 25 - A Daily Meditation Practice

Please join us this Thursday evening for meditation and teachings as we begin our series on Finding Peace in Daily Life.