Relaxation & Wellbeing evening Clapham & Patching


Relax, sit comfortably and learn techniques to:

Reduce stress
Increase happiness
Enhance focus
Achieve calmness

Please join Miiko Lo for the Meditation on Twin Hearts by MCKS to flush out stress, increase energy levels and increase physical and mental health.

During the session we will:-

- Do gentle yoga exercises to open up the energy centres - Do a guided meditation on Twin Hearts to draw in tremendous amounts of energy - Perform energising exercises to fully absorb the energy generated

We will aslo run a healing clinic after the meditation so that if you wish you can experience Pranic Healing and the benefits it brings. These healing sessions will last for approx 15 minutes and are designed for overall wellbeing.

For any specific ailments, seperate healing sessions can be organised.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards

Cost - Voluntary £donation only - any donations received above the room hire cost goes to the MCKS Charitable Foundation UK (charity number[masked])

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