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These classes are open to everyone. It doesn’t matter what your religion, race, age or proficiency in meditation is. The meditation technique used consists of focusing our attention on our natural breath and being aware of our breath. This meditation technique helps to bring self awareness, in a natural way.

These classes will begin with a sitting relaxation exercise and then lead onto guided instructions for the awareness of breathing meditation. Instructions will be given in each session, so beginners are not left out. These classes will run roughly for one hour and include 30-40 minutes of meditation practice and a short period of time for any questions and/or group discussion.

Experienced meditation practitioners may start their practice with or without instructions. These sessions will also allow meditators to practice their own meditation techniques or to intuitively be, along as it doesn’t disturb others. The intention is to create a supportive space for insight and transformation of oneself, through the use of meditation techniques.

These classes are free of charge and will be funded by any donations given by participants. Donations will be welcomed at the classes. However, there is no obligation to give. These classes are free to ensure no one cannot attend due to financial circumstances. Also, I wish to share this information freely to whoever may be interested.

You may meditate on the chairs provided. If you prefer to meditate sitting on the floor, then please bring your own mat and cushions.

I would like to start a regular weekly meditation session at the weekend and also evening sessions in different areas of Leicester. If you know of any venues or would like to start a similar meditation class in your area then please email me at , [masked]

Please click on the links below for the meditations which will be used at the group sessions.

Smiling relaxation meditation ( see guided meditation on youtube (

Awareness of breathing meditation ( See guided meditation on youtube

I Am meditation ( this will be used during the last 5 mins of the class, people who wish to practice this from the start can do so.) - See guided meditation on youtube (
This guided meditations, brings ones attention back onto the intuitive feeling and knowing that we exist, onto the sense of "I" . This is something simple, something obvious but easily overlooked.

If you would like to read more about meditation or the techniques used, see the website ( the pages section on meetup.