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Have you ever meditated? It requires Nothing and it is Amazing! The eureka moments found in meditative states are beyond words.

Have you ever breathed? Of course you have! You're doing it right now, but if you're not please get help! The moment you begin to treat breathing as a skill, you notice, "I can do better!"

Have you ever practiced Qi Gong? It is a brilliant treasure passed down for 1000's of years. It teaches us to treat the air (Qi) as the life giving substance. It teaches us to properly cycle Qi through our entire self. It teaches us to become the healthiest us as possible. It teaches us so much that it is impossible to list here.

So come on out! Learn how to breath so well that you will want to share it with your family, your friends and everyone else!

I look forward to meeting you in person,

Andrew Brown

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OB People's Coop Community Room

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OB People's Coop Community Room

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