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Special Saturday Virtual Group Discussion & Meditation Event
50-minute Group Discussion at 11:00am Followed by Meditation Topic: The Value of Various Meditation Techniques (Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Guided Meditations vs. Other Types of Mediation Techniques) Thought-Provoking Questions to Stimulate Group Discussion: • What types of meditation techniques have you used in the past (if any)? • What has worked well for you? What obstacles have you encountered? • If you have used Dr. Joe’s guided meditations: o What do you feel is different about his philosophy or approach than other techniques? o How often and how long have you used his guided meditations? o Do you stick to one meditation or mix it up using a number of different meditations? o What benefits have you experienced as a result of using these meditations? o What obstacles have you encountered or challenges have you faced when using these guided meditations? • What else would you like to discuss with other members of this group? FOLLOWED BY MEDITATION AT 12:00 NOON Broadcasted Meditation: Tuning into New Potentials Use headphones connected to your phone - No purchase necessary

Needs a location

What we're about

Calling all Geniuses who have been following the incredible & scientifically proven teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza!

I've been to one of Dr. Joe's workshops and witnessed first hand how meditation can be SO MUCH more powerful when people mediate together & share their energy, which I why I wanted to create an opportunity for us to get together on a regular basis and meditate together using Dr. Joe's transformational & inspirational meditations! Whether you're looking to manifest something you've always wanted, heal yourself from a medical condition, connect to the Quantum Field for a mystical experience, release yourself from the emotional chains of your past, or simply experience more joy in your life, Dr. Joe's meditations can help you create whatever it is you are desiring.

If you are familiar with Dr. Joe's work, then you know exactly what I'm talking about, and if you haven't been exposed to his work yet, then give yourself an incredible gift and on youtube check out: Dr Joe Dispenza Testimonials or Dr Joe Dispenza Becoming Supernatural. I consider myself an advance student of his work, and as such, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Here's a great video to introduce you to his work:

In the midst of trying to secure a space that would be central for most of us, I neglected one very important fact: ENERGY TRAVELS & ISN'T BOUND BY PHYSICAL BOUNDARIES! By meditating virtually, we can still benefit from each other's energy, making our individual meditations that much more powerful as long as we all do the same meditation at the same time, connected by a frequency related to that of an phone connection. This is actually more powerful since more people will be able to join virtually instead of having to physically travel, which would greatly limit the number of attendees.

So, here's our group is working for now. Twice a month, I host a meditation via a phone conferencing line. I'll broadcast one of Dr. Joe's incredible meditations for everyone to listen to through their cellphones using headphones, so we all will be connected. I will let you know the meditation in advance, so you'll know what to expect. I will also host a group conferencing call and these group discussions will be topic-based with the topics announced ahead of time. The purpose of these conferencing calls is help you make the most of your meditation experience as you progress toward becoming supernatural!

As of now, the schedule is as follows: (Keep in mind the best way to enter your subconscious mind is when melatonin levels are at a high which in early in the AM or late in the PM) Meditations last about 45 minutes and are truly transformational experiences!

Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday of Every Month, Holidays Excluded
8:00pm: 50 -Minute Group Discussion followed by
9:00pm: 45-Minute Meditation

Once you become a member, I'll give you access to the virtual meditations.

Join us & spread the word!


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