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I wanted to start this group, to help share with the others the healing, restorative and transformational properties of meditation that I've realized in my own life. These meditations are intuitively inspired and are always uniquely different and fulfilling.

This meditation group meets every thursday at 8:30 pm and there is a $10 fee for this class. No prior experience necessary.

I'd love the opportunity to meet with you and explore how meditation can help expand your awareness and improve your life. I hope to see you there.

Here is a brief description/excerpt of the meditation class offering which is posted on the Michelle Star Yoga and Healing Arts Center website.

Meditation is an ancient and powerful tool that helps bring a sense of calm, balance, peace and joy to life. Meditation consists of sitting in stillness and, among other things, quieting the mind or focusing on a visualization to bring positive results. One may also stand or walk in meditation, depending upon what one wants to accomplish.

The benefits of Meditation have been extensively researched. It is the most direct of all stress management training exercises, since stress begins in the mind. Some of the benefits derived from its practice, especially a consistent practice, include a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate as the heart works more efficiently. The respiratory rate decreases and lactic acid, a waste product of muscle contraction is decreased as well as the accumulation of carbon dioxide. Cholesterol levels fall and biochemical production changes as natural pain-killers, endorphins and enkephalins, increase along with the neurotransmitter serotonin. Psychological testing shows improved performance with decreased anxiety, depression and hostility, along with an increased sense of wellbeing. Meditation brings an increase in mental and emotional health and an improvement in concentration and focus. Communication improves between the right and left hemispheres of the brain and this integrated thinking enhances creativity. Additionally, there are other health benefits from meditation such as improved immune system function, a more relaxed approach to life situations and improved relationships. It is practiced by CEOs of companies, professional sports players, Olympic competitors, retreat facilitators, many celebrities including actors and actresses and is used by those recovering from addiction and quitting smoking, migraine sufferers, cancer patients, women with menopausal symptoms and those wanting balance in their lives.

Meditation creates a “hypo metabolic state” where the body slows its metabolic rate to such an extent that the cells actually need less oxygen because they are not working as hard. Meditation is necessary beyond the need for sleep since the body/mind reaches a deeper state of rest than in sleep (and during which we continue to tense muscles). The benefits and influence on the stream of thoughts become apparent in as little as five minutes of commencing meditation and a consistent program often consists of 20 minutes or more daily bringing even more benefits. In actuality, the purpose of practicing physical (Hatha) Yoga (asanas or postures) is to prepare the physical body to maintain stillness and to handle the energy that comes in and through the body during meditation. Meditation is a part of Yoga and is included during some of the Yoga classes at our Center.

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