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This group circle is dedicated to those seriously interested in learning mediumship and developing intuitive abilities. Experience group exercises to heighten your connection with Spirit and enhance your link with guides and your Higher Self.

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Mediumship & Intuitive Development Circle

Clover Hill Holistic Arts Center

This is an "open" and "free" circle that has been established since April 2012. It's all about connecting with your spiritual nature, learning intuitive skills, getting involved in group exercises and enhancing connections with your Higher Self, your guides, and with Spirit. You will learn skills to develop clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, as well as the other clairs to increase your intuitive ability and develop medium skills as well. Exercises include remote viewing, reading auras, learning the tarot, and experimenting with other forms of intuitive work.

Mediumship Instruction & Practice: Intermediate (Level II)

Clover Hill Holistic Arts Center

Open to intermediate students learning & practicing mediumship advancement. Cost $25 Cash/Debit/Credit accepted upon arrival. NOTE: This class qualifies students of the Mediumship School Level II Program to earn the necessary hours needed to obtain a certificate in Mediumship Level II. Instructed by group organizer and owner/founder of the Clover Hill Holistic Arts Center, a certified spiritual counselor, certified psychic-medium, healing arts practitioner and teacher/mentor for mediumship, intuitive, and personal development.

Spiritual Healing: Advanced Spiritualism, PART 2

Clover Hill Holistic Arts Center


Learn how to transform your inner spirit and bring more harmony to the world around you with this special phase of mediumship that uses natural universal laws to impart vital and curative forces to pathological conditions. You will discover what spiritual healing is, the process of healing, levels of healing, and the ethics & responsibilities of a good healer. We will discuss some of the great healing work of medium Harry Edwards, as well as some of the Native American traditions of the shamans. Cost per class: $25 Cash or Credit Card Accepted. Please arrive at least 10 min early to allow time for payment before class. This class is open to the pubic, but is also considered section 6 of the Mediumship School Level III Program. Those who have already completed Mediumship Level I & now finishing Level II will earn the necessary hours toward their certificate by taking this class. [See below for the remaining Level III classes that will complete the program for a Level III certificate] Jan 9, 2019 - Section 5: Spiritual Healing (Advanced Spiritualism), Part 1 Jan 16, 2019 - Section 6: Spiritual Healing (Advanced Spiritualism), Part 2 Jan 23, 2019 - Section 7: Spirit Rescue, Part 1 Jan 30, 2019 Section 8: Spirit Rescue, Part 2 (NOTE: See the meetup schedule as these classes will also be offered on Sundays in January & February 2019). Instructed by group organizer and owner/founder of the Clover Hill Holistic Arts Center, a certified spiritual counselor, certified psychic-medium, healing arts practitioner and teacher/mentor for mediumship, intuitive, and personal development.

Svaroopa® Yoga Class -Henrico, VA (Registration Required)

Peaceful Body Yoga & Wellness

Please call Anita to register at[masked] for her class at the new Henrico location: 3111 Northside Ave, Suite 101, Richmond, VA 23228. Quiet your mind. Cultivate an inner state of peace, and experience yourSelf at a deeper level. Svaroopa®Yoga specializes in releasing tension in the muscles connected to your spine and in the deeper layers of your body. Poses are choreographed to decompress your spine from tail to top, allowing muscles to release and lengthen without forcing or straining, improving flexibility and ease in movement, while building strength, stamina, and vitality. Each pose targets a specific part of your spine to unravel tight areas and create space between your vertebrae as well as internal organs. Svaroopa® Yoga provides safe and reliable changes in your body in the first session. This style of yoga supports your body where it is using blankets, blocks, and chairs for gentle release of internal tension on all levels. Come experience Svaroopa® Yoga in a nurturing, supportive, environment and understand how it works as you go through the poses. Take what you learn and create a daily practice at home. It is suitable for beginners, those with limited flexibility, experiencing pain, recovering from injury, and benefits the body before and after athletic activities. Limited space. Registration required, We cannot guarantee a space for you without a reservation. Everything is provided; no yoga mat needed. Come 5-10 minutes early to get all setup. Introductory offer: $89 (includes three 75-minute classes, plus one 1-hour individual yoga session or Embodyment® Yoga Therapy session. $124.00 for 8-week series (one class per week) $232.50 for 8-week series (two classes per week) $20.00 for a single class. For more information and payment options visit http://anitasnellings.com/ Register by calling Anita at[masked]. Anita Snellings, CSYT, CET, CHTP, Reiki Peaceful Body Yoga & Wellness [masked]

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