Mix n Mash! Tabletop Design Challenge

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The Raving Gamer Bistro

5735 203 St # 106 · Langley City, BC

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If you can't find our group, just ask one of the super-friendly Raving Gamer staff!

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What will happen when you mix and mash two games? Who knows, but we're pretty sure it will be awesome!

At Mix n Mash you will form into groups of 3-4 people, and make a mashup of two tabletop games! One of these will be Junk Art, while the other will be drawn from a pool (draw 2, choose 1). At the end of the event Jay Cormier, one of the designers of Junk Art (the other being Sen-Foong Lim), will give feedback on your group’s mashup!
Part of the exercise is to identify the theme, mechanisms and components from the two original games, as well as those in your new hybrid. You must use elements from both games, but are encouraged to change these elements, drop some, and add new ones, to make the game your own. This is a casual design challenge, not a competition; however, there will be a prize for the "best mashup", as deemed so by Jay and the organizers.
So get creative, and have fun!

Tickets $15, available at the door, or through Eventbrite:

.Your ticket includes:
• 5% off food and drink purchases at the Raving Gamer
• All games required for the mashup
• Access to additional prototyping components
• Raffle entry for door prizes
• A prize for the winning team!

Supporters and sponsors:
Jay Cormier
Meeple Leaf
Game Allies
The Raving Gamer
One Stop Shop
Plan B Games

The Mix n Mash game pool:
Animal Upon Animal
Arcadia Quest
BANG! The Dice Game
Dead of Winter
Deep Sea Adventure
Elder Sign
Flick ‘em Up!: Dead of Winter
Forbidden Island
Ghost Stories
Istanbul Dice
How to Rob a Bank
King of Tokyo
Lost Cities
My Little Scythe
Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu
Pairs in Pears
Port Royal
Rhino Hero
Rory’s Story Cubes
Specter Ops