Zombicide Black Plague (Genesys) (Open to new Players)


Join Tim for another great RPG!

You are in a realm where magic, elves and dwarfs all exist. This Age is a relatively peaceful one but tensions are growing between neighboring kingdoms. Some believe that lacking a greater evil has left once comrades in arms with only each other to distrust. Some say the many religions or rulers just want to claim and expand their holdings on souls or lands. Some say people just love to pick a fight. Whatever the reason, everyone feels the tension building. The shadows are now full of spies and everyone is keeping a weathered eye on their “allies”. It is not your problem, at least not today. You are in the hussle and bussle of Cross. A town you pass through while going to more important places. Here You plan to restock, rest and maybe enjoy yourself a little before hitting the road again. Maybe you’re a noble looking for a break from politics, a baker dreaming of bigger things, a road warden hoping the bar you’re drinking at doesn’t need you to break up another fight or a spy carrying an important message.
Your peace, nor the peace of the realm is meant to last. In the distance figures shuffle towards the town. Varied in size and garb. Figures whose spirits have left this doomed mortal world. Figures that crave the flesh of the living. Cross and the realm is about to see its peace shattered. Hordes of undead, or zombies, have come to these shores and they are set to feast on its inhabitants.
Now you and your party have to survive the night. Now you and your party have to figure out what to do in the days to come. Do you wish to investigate this horde and what power drives it forward? Do you wish to unite the living, the kingdoms now distrustful of each other, to end this undead threat? Do you simply want to head for the hills and simply try to outlast this shuffling death? Do you want to rush to your loved ones, fulfill your duties, your oaths or protect your home? Do you see this as an opportunity and wish to take advantage of these hordes?
You and your party stand at the head of many paths. What fate will you all chose not just for yourselves, but for the entire realm?