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Meet (Girl) Friends is part of MPCEvents (https://www.mpcevents.com), Chicago's largest social group. All our events have 60 - 120 people in attendance, most who are new to the city and many come solo. Find out why we have connected thousands. Be a member for as low as $9.99 a month (https://www.mpcevents.com/join) and go to most of our events for free!

Welcome Girlfriends of Chicago!

We are a fun women's group that is interested in having a good time, meeting new people, and creating new friendships. Our members are mostly in the 20s - 30s and our goal is to have weekly events, from small social outings like brunch, picnics, shows and plays, to bigger events such as happy hours, rooftop parties, and other fun theme parties.

Meet Girlfriends Chicago is perfect for women who are new to the city or even long-time Chicagoans who just like to meet other friendly, fun girls. Our goal is to make everyone comfortable, whether in a small or large group environment. We promise to only create events that work for you. That means we will not just go to awesome venues but also do unique type of events that you'll only find here. In addition, every single event will have a super host, so you will never be alone. :)

Join us and RSVP to make long life-time lasting friendships while having an amazing time!

Girlfriend events are hosted by MPCEvents.com (http://www.meetpeoplechicago.com/). Welcome to the Phenomenon (https://www.meetpeoplechicago.com/blog/26-creating-a-phenomenon).

Message from our founder

"Peter - I want to say thank you. All my good friends and the love of my life, I have met through your events. Now I have a beautiful baby and it's all because of you!" - Jill

"Before I found out about your events, I stayed home and was a loner. Now I find myself being a social butterfly. My confidence level has never been higher. I've met so many friends and wonderful people. Thank you for what you have done!" - Sarah

The two above comments were made by our members. These are just two out of hundreds I have gotten over the last several years. It's hard to explain to people over a web page on why we're different and why I started this group in the first place. And to be honest, it's almost impossible to explain. I see so many comments on Meetup about how to meet people, on doing a "pre-meetup" before a meetup, on how to even show up at an event. It's because these people have never been to my events. And they think, accurately for the most part, that it's not just hard to meet people, but scary too. Who wouldn't be? But our meetups are not like any others. We're genuine, authentic and real. All our members are no different than other meetups that are disappointing but what makes us different is in our culture. We are an inclusive, friendly and social group. Why and how? Because we created this culture since our first meetup 4 years ago. And since then thousands have been to our events, thousands more have connected, hundreds have met their best friends and even over a dozen have gotten married. Yup, all this because of a passion to connect others. Read my two blogs and you will understand why I did all this: How It All Started (https://www.meetpeoplechicago.com/blog/62-meet-people-chicago-how-it-all-started) and Creating a Phenomenon (https://www.meetpeoplechicago.com/blog/26-creating-a-phenomenon).

Now, creating all these events hundreds of them a year so we can connect thousands of Chicagoans take much effort and time. That's why for the most part we charge a small fee, usually $10 for our events for our hosting and organizing services as well as event expenses. Or if you want to save money, subscribe for just $9.99 a month (https://www.meetpeoplechicago.com/join) and go to our events at no extra charge. We hope you understand for a small amount we are able to change lives for the better.

So, don't worry about meeting people here. I guarantee you that you will have a good time and that you will meet interesting people. If you are still nervous (and it's okay) just direct message me and I will try my best to answer your questions.

-Peter Shen, Founder of MPCEvents (https://www.meetpeoplechicago.com/)

About MPCEvents

Every week, 100s of people join Chicago's number social party group. Everybody is welcome, so tell your friends and join us!

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Most of our events are only $10 but you can become a MPC member for just $9.99 a month and go to events for free! Go to https://www.mpcevents.com/join to find out more and start meeting new friends!

Upcoming events (2)

Untitled Halloween Party: Anything Goes

Untitled Supper Club

Get Tickets Here! https://www.mpcevents.com/events/mtt/315-untitled-halloween-party-anything-goes-2

On October 29, Friday night, join us for a night of mixing, mingling, drinking and fun scary moments at Untitled Supper Club.

Untitled is Chicago's premier modern style speak easy. Enter and witness a beautifully decorated cocktail venue like you have never seen before. Four rooms, a musical stage and a dance floor plus Chicago's finest mixologist for your taste buds.

Put on your hairy werewolf hand, the old Dracula fangs, the creepy clown makeup - or just come as you are, in your stylish and sexy self. Meet 100s of people, many who are new to Chicago, looking to party it up.

Enjoy a complimentary drink and drink specials with fellow revelers at the epicenter of Chicago's nightlife, River North.

Come dress however you like. Meet people looking for a good time. Open yourself up to a night of Anything Goes.

Get Tickets Here! https://www.mpcevents.com/events/mtt/315-untitled-halloween-party-anything-goes-2

Be a member for just $9.99 a month and you can go to this amazing event and all general events for no additional charge! Go here https://www.mpcevents.com/join for more details.

Halloween Bar Crawl!


**ATTN: Ticket prices go up as demand goes up**
Get Tickets Here! https://www.mpcevents.com/events/mtt/313-halloween-the-crawling-dead-pub-crawls-3

Zombies, Vampires, Aliens, Creatures with Fangs, whatever thing you are, we want you to be part of the Crawling Dead pub crawls! The Crawling Dead pub crawls is Chicago's ONLY city-wide pub crawl hitting three of Chicago's hottest neighborhoods; Wicker Park, Logan Square and River North.

Each neighborhood pub crawl has its own theme. If you're a Zombie, Ghost or Demon, come to Wicker Park. Vampires and Werewolves and things with fangs, Logan Square. Sexy and Freakish, how about River North!

No matter who you're going to be and which crawl you'll pick, you'll crawl with HUNDREDS of sexy weirdos and freaks. We're going to scare the bejeezes out of each other and anyone who gets in our way. And if that doesn't scare the rest of Chicago, well, all four Crawling Dead pub crawls will converge at the end for one MASSACRE of a party. BoooHahahaRarah!

More creepy details..

~ After-Party: Massacre Party will be announced to registrants the day of the crawl. 1 FREE drink included!

~ Drink specials and bar crawl schedule will be announced the day of the crawl

~ You must wear a wristband during the crawl

~ Costume Contest: Enter to win our COSTUME CONTEST by posting pictures on our Facebook Page with hashtag of your neighborhood bar crawls! No limits on pictures - post as many as you want at every bar! Prizes include MPC Premium Membership, Starbucks card and more! Winners will be contacted after the crawl!

~ MPC is not responsible for heart attacks, panic attacks and nightmares due to the crawl

Get Tickets Here! https://www.mpcevents.com/events/mtt/313-halloween-the-crawling-dead-pub-crawls-3

Be a member for just $9.99 a month and you can go to this amazing event and all general events for no additional charge! Go here https://www.mpcevents.com/join for more details.

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