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Meet International People is part of MPCEvents (https://www.mpcevents.com/), New York 's largest social group. All our events have 40 - 100 people in attendance, most who are new to the city and many come solo. Find out why we have connected thousands. Be a member for as low as $9.99 a month (https://www.mpcevents.com/) and go to most of our events for free!

Ni Hao! Salut! Ciao! Kon Nichiwa! Czesc! Ola! Shalom! Hola! Hallo!

If you can say any of those hellos or if you like to learn other people's language and culture, then welcome my friends!

Meet International People (MIP) is perfect for expats or people from foreign countries who love America, love their country and love meeting people of other countries! Whether you are an international student, professional from abroad, or just visiting the United States, come to our fun events to meet people just like you! Besides other expats you'll meet, you'll get to practice your English and get to understand Americans. We are a curious bunch. :)

MIP also welcomes Americans who love to meet international people. Perhaps you want to enhance your French, Portuguese or Chinese. Or you would like to expand your circle of friends to include a German friend, because you're going to Germany soon! Or you are just fascinated by other cultures. Whatever the reason, come join us too!

Based on parties from our trips abroad, every month we will have get togethers and international themed parties! You'll meet people from all over the world, while at the same time having an incredible time!


Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will there be a host at a MIP event?

Yes, our events are always hosted by a superhost who will make sure the event goes right and will help you and other members have a good time.

2. How many people show up to a MIP event?

It varies but generally anywhere from 30 - 100 show up to our events.

3. Are MIP events created for the sole purpose of meeting others?

Yes! Unlike many if not most Meetup groups, we actually mean what we say. Our mission is to connect people around the world not to spam you with products or services that completely deviate from their Meetup group title. Meet International People means exactly that. We only create and host events to meet people from around the world.

4. Is everyone a meetup member who shows up to a MIP event?

For the most part. We do market via other platforms but the majority of members are from Meetup. However, almost everyone who comes to our events come for similar reasons which is mainly to meet people and have a great time!

5. I am going solo. Is it easy to meet people going alone?

Yes, absolutely! We created these events for the purpose of meeting others. So whether you come solo or with a friend or two, everyone is going for the same reasons, which is to meet new people, make new friends and have a fun night. In addition, our superhosts will try their best to help you connect with others.

6. I'm shy. What should I do or say when I go to an event.

If you are the "quiet" type, don't worry. At our events, everyone is friendly. Just say hi but more than not, someone will say hi to you first. And our superhost will be happy to help you settle in.

7. I sometimes get random Meetup messages from people. How do I avoid that?

Meetup allows members to message each other. Organizers cannot control that. However, there are ways to avoid unwanted messages. One way is to go to your account settings and disable messages from other members. The other is to BLOCK someone from messaging you. If the message is beyond a harmless hello, please forward that message to the Organizers or Meetup and we can BAN them from the group or platform.

8. Who gets the money for ticket sales?

The event ticket price is collected by the Organizers. As part of our goal to connect people and create great events, we do all the legwork of meeting venue managers, negotiate the space and drink specials. We also promote our events in multiple platforms so that we can get a good, fun crowd to our events. Our ticket prices are minimal usually starting at $5 - $10 with early bird prices and specials, so it is best to buy your tickets early and save!

Have any other questions you like to ask? Just directly message the Organizers and we can answer it for you!

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