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This is a group for people to push themselves to communicate more, to stand up to their own views and ideals and to express them.

In this group, we're going to get out of ourselves and communicate. Do you feel you have been too introverted, thinking too much about your own problems? It's time that you go out and meet the rest of the human race. As a result, chances are you will find out that life is more meaningful than you have thought.

This group is going to be useful for shy people, for quiet people, for social life improvement, and for career improvement, because in the workaday world, people who can communicate warmly, people who can talk about and promote something, and the people who can be assertive and lead are the people who rise up and become more valued by their colleagues and clients. Of course all of these mean you have to up your game on communication.

Specifically, we will have workshops to practice communication and public speaking, and we'll have workshops to discuss how to start and improve relationships. It's because communication and relationships tend go hand in hand. You can't improve one without improving the other. You will meet professional communication coaches and learn from them, and you will meet other attendees whom you can apply what you have learned and practice communication with.

This is a free group. Our pay is knowing that we have improved someone's life by teaching him or her better communication skills. We will have weekly free meetups at the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center near Marconi and Watt in Sacramento.

WHO IS THE GROUP ORGANIZER: My name is Tony. I have been coaching people on communication skills for many years now, and in the recent years I have especially been helping people practice public speaking skills. I think communication is the most important thing in the universe. I look forward to meeting you and be of assistance.

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[Online] How to Get Rid of Fear of Public Speaking

Online event


In this meetup, we'll learn the tools to get over fear, anxiety, or nervousness with public speaking.

Public speaking is actually easier than you think, but you need to learn how to get rid of anxiety of public speaking first. Once you are through that barrier, you will be fine as a public speaker.

In this group, we'll try to help you break through that barrier. There are different tools to help you with that, and you will learn these tools well.

Come join us and make your breakthrough!

This group is createded by the Dianetics & Scientology life improvement center.

[Online] How to Improve Communication and Public Speaking


Communication can be difficult or forced if you don't know the secrets of communication. If you know the secret, it will be natural, fun, and easy.

I recall before I had learned bicycling, it seemed like a daunting task, something only the "big kids" could do, but as I practiced and learned bicycling, it became simple, fun, and easy, and often I bicycled for the sheer joy of it.

Communication is the same. Once you've learned the secrets, you will be able to talk to people one-on-one or in groups, and it will be simple, fun, and easy.

Come to this meetup and learn some of the secrets!

This group is created by the Dianetics & Scientology life improvement center.

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