The SALTON SEA- Master Your Lighting and Creativity ADVANCED Photography Course

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Come and join Jason to shoot in one of the most unique and epic locations on earth, the Salton Sea for an advanced lighting and shooting course that will change your photography.

Lodging will be in the Palm Springs area but shooting locations will be at the Salton Sea. Below is a link to the hotel where we will be staying.

Class size is limited, and the Black Friday Special will only apply to the first 4 people who register. So don't delay!

If you're looking for an ADVANCED course on lighting, posing, art direction, styling and bringing it all together....THIS is that course.

For many years Jason's followers have asked for an advanced course that skips past the basics and heads straight to the higher end of image creation.

We're talking big costumes, multiple light set ups, stylizing and more. We're teaching photographers how to create the shots that they see on videos, magazines and more.

This is your chance to really stretch your wings and create something epic. To push your boundaries and really grow.

Here's the itinerary:

*Day 1: The first day of the workshop is focused on learning the advanced techniques of lighting with live models. This is where we introduce multiple lighting set ups, mixing strobe with continuous lighting and knowing how to use diffusion, reflection and special effects lighting. We're changing colors of lights, painting with light, just going CRAZY!

Day 1 will prep you so you can understand how and why Jason uses what he uses on some of the more complex lighting shoots that he does. All photographers will be shooting on this day.

Day 2: On day 2 you'll head out with Jason and his team to a pre-planned shooting location where we've already planned wardrobe options that pair perfectly with our location.

You'll get a hands on walk thru on how to bring all of the different aspects and elements of the shoot together to create something special. This includes working with the models, how make up and styling is applied, wardrobe selection and most importantly, choosing the right gear to capture it all.

Day 2 will be a live shooting demonstration by Jason where he brings you into his world. Think of it as literally being in one of his crazy videos where he really pulls out all of the stops and does some insane lighting, posing, and wardrobe to create some awesome shots.

You will be PART of this process on day 2. You will be working with Jason on the lighting, the direction, the build up of the setting and more. The truth is you can't understand how to direct others on a more complex shoot until you've done it. You need to know how to light with multiple lights, how to get more out of your images and really make them POP. This will be a long and fun day where the creativity flows, and your education explodes.

Day 3: This is YOUR day to bring all of the advanced lighting techniques that you learned on Day 1 and pair them up with the direction, styling, posing and creativity that you learned in Day 2, and do your own shoot!

On this day there will be stations where the models are ready to work with you and your fellow photographers for some really outstanding imagery. Each photographer will be given individualized time with the models so they can create their own work that they can use in their portfolios.

All photographers are welcome to bring their own lighting, but we will be providing lighting as well for those who don't have as much as we do..:)

If you're looking to up your lighting and image creation game....THIS IS THE WORKSHOP FOR YOU.

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