Cape Town, South Africa- 2 DAY Lighting and Posing Workshop!!

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Come join ME in Cape Town, South Africa for an unbelievable 2 days of shooting, posing, lighting, composition, and editing as I show you how to Master Your Portraiture by creating amazing images in one of the most beautiful places on earth!

This is a PORTFOLIO BUILDING WORKSHOP, that aims to enhance ones current skills as a photographer through explicit instruction in the areas of image composition, posing, lighting, editing, communication, and confidence.

Not only will you learn how to create amazing images, you will also have opportunity to implement the previously learned skills by directing the models during a timed 1:1 shoot. Your images may be used for your website, prints, marketing and more! Given the practiced skills and guided assistance you surely will be able to create work that will WOW your clients and enhance your portfolio.

This workshop is open and available to all shooters from all brands. Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji...DSLR or mirrorless it doesn't matter. Jason will show you how to create amazing work with the gear that you own. All shooters are welcome!


*Lighting- No matter what lighting background is, this course is designed specifically to help people master light from a variety of mediums (i.e. natural light, off camera flash, LED lighting, diffusers, reflectors and more). When you master your light, you truly can start creating. And that's when you can start EARNING.

*Posing- What’s different about these courses is also the fact that each attendee will learn how to pose the models instead of the models posing for them. Even though we use experienced models there are times during the workshop where the attendees will be able to provide direction to the models in regards to posing.

*Shooting- So what are you going to learn as it relates to shooting? A LOT. We’re working on composition, where to cut when shooting subjects, how to blend and bring in backgrounds with your subjects, using props, picking and using the right wardrobe, how make up and styling can make or break a shoot, lighting from all different types of sources, and shooting with different types of gear.

Day 1 - 1 on 1 Initial Critiques
Jason will sit down with each student individually at the beginning of the workshop to review their portfolio and give them tips and tricks for how they can get the most out of the workshop, how to enhance their business/hobby, and how to grow.

Day 1 of the workshop will include heavy instruction and hands-on shooting where you get to observe and participate with Jason in the shooting process.

Day 2 will provide some more flexibility for the group. This will be a day where those who feel comfortable shooting on their own and building their portfolio will really be able to have some fun. Dedicated stations with lighting and more will be provided with models for the attendees to shoot and get some amazing shots for their portfolio.

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