Portland, Oregon- Killing Your Competition, Lighting, Posing, 1 on 1 Critiques

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Come join ME in Portland, Oregon for an unbelievable 2 days of shooting, posing, lighting, and composition as I show you how to kill your competition by creating amazing images in one of the most beautiful places on earth!

Workshop goes from 2pm-9pm each day.

Each workshop has a limited amount of spots available as we keep the workshops smaller to make sure everyone has a wonderful learning experience.

EARLY BIRD IS IN EFFECT FOR THE FIRST 4 PEOPLE WHO REGISTER! Save $100 off the registration price by booking now! Early birds get in for only $799!

This is a PORTFOLIO BUILDING WORKSHOP, which means you get to not only learn how to create amazing images, but you have the opportunity to work with models at the workshops to create images to build your portfolio that will wow your clients and get you the business that you deserve. You get to use the images for your website, your prints, marketing and more!

This course is designed specifically to help people master their lighting with natural light, off camera flash, LED lighting, diffusers, reflectors and more. When you master your light, you truly can start creating. And that's when you can start EARNING.

This workshop is open and available to all shooters from all brands. Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji...DSLR or mirrorless it doesn't matter. Jason will show you how to create amazing work with the gear that you. You'll also have the opportunity to see gear from all different brands and types which ultimately will help you determine what works best for you...

We go to REAL LOCATIONS with REAL MODELS, which means you will get REAL RESULTS. We meet in the hotel lobby and where we will then carpool to our locations to shoot. Travel time can vary between 30-60 minutes which gives us plenty of time to get to know each other and discuss our various needs prior to us shooting. I always keep my workshops flexible but below is a rough outline of the items that we will cover:

*Posing- the ABC's of posing and how you can get the best shots out of each one of your clients.

*Lighting- how to use lighting and more importantly, WHEN to use it. Subjects covered will include; natural lighting, video lighting, off camera flash, and on camera flash.

*Shooting- how to get the right exposure in different shooting environments. How to shoot in complete manual including your flash! How to set your composition to include the essentials and leave out the non-essentials.

--Day 1 of the workshop will include heavy instruction and hands-on shooting where you get to observe and participate with Jason in the shooting process. This is critical for you to see how Jason builds the fundamentals of his shots that help them to have that pop that people love. There will be dedicated times for the group to shoot models on their own with separate work stations provided.

--1 on 1 Initial Critique- on Day 1 Jason will sit down with each student individually at the beginning of the workshop to review their portfolio and give them tips and tricks for how they can get the most out of the workshop, how to enhance their business/hobby, and how to grow. This will occur during the first scheduled hour of the workshop and will be scheduled out with each attendee ahead of time.

--Day 2 of the workshop will provide some more flexibility for the group. This will be a day where those who feel comfortable shooting on their own and building their portfolio will really be able to have some fun. Dedicated stations with lighting and more will be provided with models for the attendees to shoot and get some amazing shots for their portfolio.

--1 on 1 FINAL Critique- towards the end of Day 2 Jason will sit down individually with each student to review their progress, give them an individualized assessment of how they did and how they can improve, and give them their next steps towards achieving their goals whether that shooting related, business related, or BOTH!

Those who are still learning and want to stick right next to Jason to watch him shoot can stay with him for the duration of Day 2 and get some more individualized training.

**Weather concerns: Should the weather turn bad we will have other indoor locations we can shoot in. Weather is a constant friend or foe to photographers so learning to adapt to it is critical for your learning curve. Regardless of the weather we will find a way to shoot and make it amazing. Some of my most amazing images have come during rain, snow, cold, or extreme heat when I had to find a way to get it done. Regardless we will find great places and create beautiful imagery. Please also note that we will always make sure everyone has the opportunity to stay comfortable.

*Please let us know if you will not have your own transportation so we can help you make carpool arrangements.

*Please make sure to wear comfortable clothing on all shoots and use your best judgment to make sure you bring appropriate clothing to factor in the time of day you will be shooting. You might want to bring an extra pair of sandles/shoes as I have been known to get feet wet quite frequently.

*Please bring snacks and bottled water as many of the places we go will not have any services available for food and beverage. We also highly recommend to use the restroom prior to our group shoot. We will always make sure to get to a restroom location during the middle of the shoot to give everyone a break when we go for lunch.

*Please bring all the gear you have including monopods, tripods, reflectors, flashes, etc. and plenty of batteries. Also make sure to charge all of your gear 100% prior to the shoot so you don't end up running out. Make sure to clear your memory cards and have at least 12gb available to shoot with. We personally recommend even more if you can. We will really encourage you to shoot in RAW so having the appropriate amount of memory is very important.

We can't wait to see you and look forward to an amazing time together!!!! For any questions please email us at [masked], or give us a call at[masked].


Jason Lanier Photography