What we're about

Reddit, YouTube, blogs - chances are you’re talking about video games with someone, somewhere each and every day.

So, why not discuss them with totally random strangers with a coffee and a slice of cake?

This is Meet ‘em Up, a Manchester-based video game discussion group. Like a book-club format, each month will cover a particular series. You don’t have to have played every entry, understand every nuance of an expanded universe, you just have to love games - and want to talk about them, too.

Share, learn and meet people just like you (in short: people who're awesome).

For now, we’ll sidestep platform-specific franchises - and stick with things most people will have known or played.

Topics can range from a particular series to topics such as industry consumer practices and general gameplay concepts. Suggestions are always welcome.

Together, we can explore absolutely must-answer questions in a respectful and informal way:

- Does Metal Gear Solid actually make any sense?
- Are tank controls awesome? Or is it just nostalgia?
- Was Devil May Cry 2 really that bad?
- Was Final Fantasy 8 really all just a dream?

Find out more about your favourite game or franchise or learn more about that new game you’ve yet to play - but might want to. Indulge in conversation with people as passionate about games as you are or hone your point of view for your blog, podcast or YouTube channel.

And yeah, eat cake and stuff.

The first session: Sunday May 20th 2018, 1 PM. The venue will be in central Manchester and confirmed nearer the time.

Dubbed ‘Beta Test', this sessions will be to gauge the response, attendance and format.

Feel free to contact the event organiser, Adam, on 07927 736 395.

Please understand that space at any venue will be limited. As such, please only hit the 'Attend' button if you're sure you can make it.

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