What we're about

"There are no strangers, just friends we have not met yet"

The name of this Meetup is simply Meetings at Goran - since most of the gatherings will happen at my place, and there will be a wide variety of topics and activities that would be hard to describe with a single title.

Some meetings will be focused on fun and social connections, and some on learning, in both experiential and presentation and discussion format. I intend to keep them fresh and new, and have something different every time. Most meetings will be facilitated by me, and I will also have guest presenters from time to time.

We will explore genuine human connecting and communication, ways to be more authentic, knowledge and wisdom, mindfulness, meditation, Tantra, science, spirituality, psychology, spiritual methods and traditions, etc. Similar gatherings in the past were known as Adventure of Personal Growth, Philosophy Group, and Urban Tribe Gatherings.

You can also check out HugsAndWisdom.com (http://www.hugsandwisdom.com/)

Your suggestions, comments and questions are most welcome.

I look forward to having many great gatherings and experiences, and connecting with likeminded folks.


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