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Walk through the Lavaux vineyards (Lutry to St-Saphorin)

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Another beautiful place to catch autumn colours.

This is more or less a repeat of the walk we did in 2016.

Here was the tour from 2016 :

A bit of information about Lavaux :

Covering 800 hectares, Lavaux is the largest contiguous vineyard region in Switzerland, and its daringly constructed hillside terraces have been protected by UNESCO since 2007.

Walking between Lutry and Saint Saphorin we will pass through the most spectacular parts of Lavaux, especially its steepest part around Dézaley. Lavaux is beautiful in any season but with autumn colors and light it's definitely special.

It's an easy 3h15mn walk without much height difference (approx. 300m up and the same down) that does not really need more details or any difficulty rating. With breaks we should count a good 4+ hours though.
We should be able to enjoy a beautiful sunset from the Dézaley and finish in St-Saphorin before it gets too dark.

Route with map and height profile :

This time we’ll try to make it all the way to Saint Saphorin (in 2016 we had to stop in Rivaz because it was getting dark and we spent quite a lot of time at the vine tasting IoII).

Speaking about vine tasting, it will be an integral part of the tour and we’ll stop at least at two different outdoor spots, both with great views, which are directly on our route (the first being somewhere near Montagny and the second one, where we stopped in 2016, just before Rivaz ).

So yes, for the first time on any hike this year you’ll be allowed to drink before the finish line ;-)


Meeting point is Bern on platform 8 at 11:50 under the sector B signs.
We take the 12:04 train to Lausanne and then a train to Lutry where we will arrive at 13:40.

For the return, I can’t give a precise timetable. We’ll probably take a train around 18:00.
For such walks in larger groups we typically take it easy and often have a few slower participants. DO NOT buy any ticket with a precise time !

Also, given that such groups on such hikes tend to split quite a lot (usually reconnecting but not always, for example when some people decide to make a rush in front for whatever reason) : everyone is supposed to have checked the route and know which villages and places we’ll go through as well as the different places with public transportation.

Take a one-way ticket to Lutry via Lausanne.

Sneakers are fine on this walk. Bring a camera, you will want to take a lot of pictures.


I am not an official or professional guide and you come under your own responsibility. I take the utmost care in planning and preparing my hikes, checking conditions and weather forecasts but I can't be held responsible for anything that happens during my hikes.

Cover picture :

Here is my phone number in case you need it :[masked]

See you