What we're about

This group is for anyone who loves playing Flag Football, but has trouble consistently finding enough people for weekly games in the "real world." If you're down to play some friendly games of pickup football with new people, then we'd love to have you! Definitely bring any friends/coworkers/etc who've also been looking for pickup football games in the city.

Also, we welcome all girls to join our games! This group is NOT guys-only.

Game Rules:

Most Meetup games will be anywhere between 5vs5 to 9vs9, I have put together a list of general rules to follow as a member of Denver Flag Football.

1. Pull the flag. This is flag football, so that means no tackling, grabbing and holding clothing or arms. Try to pull the flag and the flag only.

2. Fumbles are dead. No stripping or diving for fumbles.

3. Contact down the field is limited. You can block down the field but we ask that you simply block to get in the way of the defender.

4. Contact on the line is also limited. When playing games with lineman, we ask that the line blocks fairly without holding or putting hands near the face or neck area. The same goes for defenders. Do not rush through the blocking player, or make a swipe near the face/neck area.

5. Quarterback protection: Do not attempt to strip or swat the ball out of the QB's hand. You are only allowed to jump up with hands up high to block a pass. If you are running towards the QB it is best to just go for the flag.


This is pick up flag football we ask that everyone plays in a respectable, but competitive manner.

Players will be banned from the meetup group for intentional excessive personal fouls.

PERSONAL FOULS - No player shall commit a personal foul.

Personal fouls may include but are not limited to:

Using fist, foot, knee, or leg to contact an opponent.

Tackling the ball carrier or any player at any period.

Illegal unnecessary, excessive contact.

Hurdling a player, tripping, clipping, etc.

Roughing the passer

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Wednesday Flag Football

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We will start right at 5:30 so we can play as much as we can before it gets dark. Try to arrive by 5:15 to stretch and be ready to go.

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Wednesday Flag Football

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