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Meetup The Queen's Way Goddess Guidance for Vancouver Women
Meetup The Queen's Way Goddess Guidance for Vancouver Women
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Every week on Thursday

Azura building

1495 Richards St. · Vancouver

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Are you a woman who KNOWS she has a higher calling but can't seem to overcome blocks to HAVING AND LIVING your dreams, desires and most juiciest experiences as the Goddess you are? Are you a woman who has possibly been very educated, gone through all the hoops and loops but still has that tinkling of dis-satisfaction, where you find yourself asking "Is this all there is?"
Well, I hear you and want YOU to know, "NO this is not all there is!". Most of us women have been going around living lives in black and white when there is a life rich in technicolor, where your feminine soul guides you to having, knowing, experiencing a life beyond your wildest imagination, but it starts within YOU!
I, after knowing life as an Academic, completed my 6 year Honours degree at S.F.U. found myself in hole of meaningless, bored depression. My soul literally guided me to fly myself across the world to live in one of the most sensuous countries, Italia, to return to my roots and reignite my feminine, Goddess, divine soul to return ME to Me. This course is based on a deep and personal struggle to overcome the oppression of patriarchy, stigmatism around feminine power and discover a personal map of real power and magical possibilities. I am GIVING this map to the courageous
Goddesses who join me and one another in this course to contain a space for our divinity to come alive and richly feed us in ways beyond our imagination.
Come along and BE supported and transformed!
Objective: Discover your dream, overcome the oppression and suppression of your feminine power, be adored for the Goddess you are and experience new heights of financial freedom, mind-blowing sex, having a body you love and care for, nourishing relationships and living on purpose with a clear path for new power.

Course Material: The Queen's Way by Lisa Petrucci (included in course price)
Week One: Act I: Love and the Seed
*Oneness/ Being one with Source. Activating oneness with your Source. Knowing everything you want to be, do, have is inside you.
*Where your attention goes, energy flows.
*You choose what you are going to grow, create, manifest by saying yes to what divine inspiration chooses you
*The Yes Method
*Choose your Awareness: Having Faith over Fear
*The Queen's Garden: Choosing your Seed
Choose what you want to manifest in the next 6-8months:

Week Two: The G.H.S. a.k.a. The Goddess Holy Spirit

*Discover your Goddess Holy Spirit: The GHS guidance system and how she moves powerfully through your life.
*Learn how to stay connected to her.
*The anti-energy and how to combat it's destructive energy.
*The power of I AM .
*Goddess Meditation: Breath of Fire

Week Three: Act III: Go

*What You Resist Persists
*Let Go of Control: It's not about Control: It's about Creation.
*Overcoming Depression and Anxiety:
*Find Higher Vibration Seeds when you move into Lower vibration Seeds:
*Get Your Goddess On

Week Four: Act IV: Express Yourself

*Express Yourself Creatively and Be Heard
*Discover your deep desires
*Take Responsibility for Generating your Reality
*Transform into that Experience
*Choose one thing you can do that allows you to BE that quality.

Week Five: Act V: Discovering your Inner Animus

*Discover your Inner Animus
*Tantra Meditations

Week Six: Act VI: The Mixing and Forming

*Making Love
*perceiving the end, the finished creation, the rose, the seed of your choice developed to its best and highest possibility. You assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled...

Week 7: Act VII: The Weeds



Week 8: Act VIII: Abundance and Money

*Staying connected to the one source of all

* Perceiving money is a creation of our consciousness. So when we stay willing to be connected under all conditions to the source of our abundance, the GHS... all the money in the world shows up.

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