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Tired of sitting home alone, needing new friends? looking to get out and do something?

Great looking for Couples, Single, divorced & Separated from the ages 45 years old to 60 plus.

Our mission statement - Actively pursue Self personal growth, try new things, Living life to the fullest, compromise, practice forgiveness, and most importantly have faith.

Strength does not come from what you can do! Strength comes from overcoming the things you think you can't do... Personal Mastery is a belief I try to teach and lead by example in the way this group is ran. I do make mistakes like the rest of us, as we grow so do I and learn continually with the activities that we do and try. I am constantly stretching myself, trying new things and encourage each one of you as.

Let's be the best we can Be!

We are a compassionate and giving group, come join us. Life is easier with friends than going it alone.

You have an idea for an event or venue, great share it. YOU can host yourself (easy and you get to pick the venue) , co-Host with another event organizer. Just let Kerri know and she will assist you on how to post it, and examples of other successful events.

Please show respect to our organizers is something I regard highly and I want them to continue to host and offer a wide arrange of activities thats makes our group successful.

"Group dues $10 yearly, please give monies to Kerri or send through paypal meetupmania2014@gmail.com (please select family and friends).

Covers from parties, events, supplies to name tags. Time spent planning and organizing events. Everything costs money from paper plates, to cups, napkins, food, snacks, ice, toilet paper, paper, ink, games, etc.

Simple rules

1. RSVP for an event that requires payment. Pleasesubmit payment within the timeline specified by the organizer of the event or you will not be included. "No refunds and no exceptions on any event" The organizer is taking the risk, planning, reserving the event and counts on You. " Please be respectful to her /him and be there on time and yes make the payments"

2. When YOU RSVP please show up and preferably on time if you cannot then UN- RSVP or you will count as a no-show. The event organizers sometimes are reserving tables and the establishments are counting on you to show up and the organizer. "Please understand this makes them look bad and can ultimately ban us from reserving spots in the future at that location. This is to protect our group and repetition

3. If you only drink water at event great but please tip the waiter/waitress a dollar every few times she is still working also it shows you have character and value what services she is providing for you.

4. Be respectful to everyone and if you disagree than agree to just disagree and move on.

***Please refrain from leaving negative comments or messages on the message board, please email me directly we are all different and need to understand that and you will be given notice if it happens again you will be removed from the group.

Sometimes we will be joining other meetup groups to add dimension to the event. So please remember our groups could be multifaceted.

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