Meetup Mates Social #2

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Meetup Mates is an online community run on Slack, with the aim to connect people who are looking to attend more Meetups in the technical space and make friends with people with similar interests. The Meetup Mates start gathering an hour before a Meetup occurs and attend it together as a group. The nerve-wracking days of going to Meetups by yourself are over!

The Meetup Mates Social Club exists to organise socials for new and existing members of the Meetup Mates Community on slack.

Please join us for the second instalment of the Meetup Mates Socials, where we will get the opportunity to meet our fellow Meetup Mates, and spend a bit more time with each other than just during the 1-hour pre-meets. Please feel free to bring friends/colleagues or whomever you think would benefit from becoming part of the Crew :)

6:00 PM - Doors open
7:00 PM - Kick-off Introduction
10:00 PM - Finish (ish)

We won't have any technical speakers, but expect an engaging evening with a lot of fun!!! If you weren't able to make the last social, you will get your MM badge this evening.

- Meetup Mates Team

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