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Support group dedicated to food addicts & people having any form of eating disorder.

Join a community of people who share your concerns and goals, learn real tips to feel better despite your food addiction.

I am Masha, a French blogger, who lives between Paris & Brooklyn, where my partner comes from.

After suffering from bulimia since my youngest age, I created BouledeVie.com, a French and English website dedicated to eating disorders, food addiction and borderline personality.

I took me several years to ask myself the REAL questions, the ones who actually made me recover from bulimia. I swore to myself that, as soon as I feel better, I will share all the information and tools I gathered and help other people feel better despite their addiction. I attended Catherine Hervais' group therapies in Paris and explored eating disorder and borderline personality issues.

One doesn't rid oneself from bulimia, binge-eating, or any other form of food addiction overnight, especially without a therapy BUT there are so many tips and tools you can learn to make your life so much easier.

I am not a doctor, nor a psychologist. But I am former bulimic who recovered from food addiction. For real.
I am not the one who will tell you to hold a diary about everything you ate ; I won't tell you to have a glass of water or to call your mum when you feel about to have a bulimic crises ; neither will I give you any kind of diet-based advice.
This is not how it works.

What I have learned and implemented, is that there are things to work on to free oneself from bulimia, that have nothing to do with your eating habits.

It might sound not intuitive, but, contrary to some people who have been trying for years to control their eating habits, desperately hoping to free themselves from bulimia, I got rid of my obsession for food within a few weeks, thanks to the relevant advice I got during my therapy.

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