What we're about

Calling all Meetup Organizers looking for a resource group to help you get to the next level as a Meetup Owner.

- Celebrate your success.
- Learn best practices directly from the people who have done it.
- How to get more people to join.
- How to get the right people to join.
- Community building and monetization tips.

For active Meetup Organizers only.

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Meetup Masters Power Hour

Online event

Join us for a round-robin chat with your fellow Meetup Organizers. Door prize for the best hat.

Meetup Masters Roundtable - Start With Why!

Needs a location

Meetups come and go. Most Organizers have good intentions. But creating a community starts with a clear vision. Come listen to how your fellow Organizers answer the following question: No one will follow you unless ...

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Meetup Masters Power Hour

Online event

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