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They say that saving the world is an inside job, so...

What can we do together to improve our world despite differences that we may have? How can we find common ground and work together productively (and peacefully), even though we may totally disagree politically or ideologically?

The purpose of this meet-up is to explore, through rich discussion and dialogue, topics about what it means to be human in a society that seems to be getting uglier all the time, with the aim to discover pathways forward and to make a positive difference (even if it is just a tiny one).

Our discussion/dialogue could span any number of broad topics with the focus being: how do we learn from each other in order to find common ground and strategies for improvement - both on a personal level and beyond, in order to positively impact the people around us. I imagine topics like:
-How do I talk to someone I can’t stand? (How do I listen to them?)
-How do I tell someone that I disagree with them (in the most effective way possible)?
-What do I do if I see someone who I agree with doing harm?
-How do I save the world on Monday morning?
-What’s the one thing we all want for each other?
-What are we doing right?

As facilitators, we would come to the meeting with a topic in mind, but would also ask for input as well. In facilitating/moderating the meetings, I would employ communications techniques in order to provide the space to be heard safely, respectfully, and to minimize any possibility for raw debate. Differences of opinion are certainly welcome - just not in any way that isn’t respectful, honorable, and safe.

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When conversations get tough - handling adversity effectively.

Cleve J. Fredricksen Library

Saving the World depends on our ability to communicate with each other - to overcome adversity and to be able to tell someone that we disagree with them (effectively). If “discussions” on social media are any indication, then telling someone we disagree with their opinions is a skill that is hard to come by. In January and February, we’ve shared models on how we know what is factual (and what isn’t), what it means to state a position versus what it means to learn about another’s position, and what it means to give meaningful feedback to someone (or what it means to have feedback given to ourselves). For March’s meeting, we’ll review the material we’ve gone through so far, and we’ll build on the idea of giving (and receiving) feedback, with the work centering on: - How do I (effectively) tell someone I disagree? - How to best move forward with what really matters. We’re also going to practice: We’ll practice in the meeting as well as provide some ideas for practicing (safely) in “the real world.” As before, Joe and Mike will facilitate the discussion using simplified models to help us make sense of some very complicated processes. LOCATION AND REGISTRATION - We're excited to be partnered with the Fredricksen Library in Camp Hill for our Meetup to Save the World meetings. They will be hosting our discussions on the first Thursday of each month (space is limited). Please RSVP right here in Meetup.com to reserve your spot. This event is free and you do not have to be a member of the library in order to attend. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Who or what is right? ...How do I know?

Cleve J. Fredricksen Library

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