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Hello everyone,

This is a humble attempt to bring together like-minded people who are interested in Urdu Ghazals/Hindi Kavita recitals. Here are a few reasons that may motivate you to join this group:

1. You get a kick out of reading/listening/reciting Ghazals and Kavitas.

2. You are creative and want to share your poetries with us, although you don't have to be a poet to join this group. For the most part we are going to recite poetries of great poets, relish and discuss them...and who knows maybe one day, you may write one of your own :)

3. You think you have lost touch with your mother-tongue and want to get back to it in some manner and keep your roots and culture alive within you.

4. Improve your vocabulary, learn from each other, the ettiquettes, the usage, the nuances of a language.

5. You just want to meet people, hangout and make new friends :)

We welcome you to join us and share the love !!

Let me end by mentioning a couple of couplets by Bashir Badr:

"Koi phool dhoop ki pattiyon mein hare ribbon se bandha hua,
Woh ghazal ka lahza naya-naya, na kaha hua na suna hua,
Jise le gayi hawa woh varaq tha mere dil ki kitaab ka,
Kahin aansuon se mita-mita, kahin aansuon se likha hua."

(Translation): "Like a flower wrapped like a green ribbon in sunlight,
That ghazal's new tone untold and unheard,
That which the wind took, was a leaf of the book of my heart,
Somewhere wiped by tears and somewhere written by tears."

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