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MelbCSS March 2016 meetup

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📢📢📢 March 2016 📢📢📢

A great evening of CSS related talks and socialising. Drinks and food will be provided by our awesome sponsors.


Responsive Tables - A magical journey

Davide Rizzo - @davidelrizzo (
Suncorp Group

"What looks like a table, is laid out like a table, but isn't a table? Table markup isn't as accessible as you'd think and collapsing by columns is surprisingly difficult. How can we get layout like tables with accessibility and responsiveness? Flexbox of course!"


Handmade introduction to CSS3 Grids

Guillaume Hammadi - @ghammadi (
Front End Developer, Envato

"Grids have been around for a while now, originally in the form of external CSS frameworks providing a grid metaphor for building consistently spaced layouts. But grids are now part of the CSS specification, even if it’s still a working draft and browser support is very poor. I’ll take you through the history of grid-based layouts, then explain how to use the new CSS specification, visiting the good, bad and ugly parts of it."


Modular stylesheets using Sheetify
Yoshua Wuyts - @yoshuawuyts (

"Maintaining Stylesheets can be tricky. In this talk Yosh will show off what Sheetify is, and how it helps solve common problems in writing maintainable stylesheets."


Doors open at 6:00pm. Talks start at 6:45pm.

As always, if you'd like to give a talk tweet your idea @MelbCSS (!

Be sure to follow the #melbcss ( hashtag!


Our amazing sponsors

- 99design ( (drinks + venue)
- Envato ( (food)
- Marketplacer ( (event filming)


Last month's talks are now online!
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