What we're about

This is the Melbourne chapter of The Australian Alt.Net Community.

We meet on the last Tuesday of every month at 6pm.

The Australian Alt.Net Community is a self-organizing, ad-hoc community of developers bound by a desire to improve ourselves, challenge assumptions, and help each other pursue excellence in the practice of software development, obviously with a strong emphasis on development using the Microsoft.NET platform.

Though the name might suggest otherwise we are not looking for alternatives to Microsoft or .NET, nor are we in any way Anti-Microsoft.

The "Alt" in Alt.Net comes from the fact that we are always looking at alternatives to see if we can learn better ways of doing things, no matter where that alternative might come from, and incorporate it into our practice in the .NET world. So if it's something new from Microsoft, that's great - if it's an approach from the open source world or an alternate language or somewhere else entirely then that's even better!

Members are welcome join our slack community here: https://goo.gl/mLdwcS


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Lowering in C# & Feature Flagging and Configuration

Lowering in C# - David Wengier You probably think that the foreach statement in c# is for iterating through a collection, and, well, you're right. But do you know how it happens? Do you know what the compiler does when you type a foreach statement, or a lambda, or a yield? In this session we'll dig into the compiler internals of Roslyn, the C# compiler, and see what happens to your code when it gets compiled. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feature Flagging and Configuration using Azure App Configuration - Scott Holden In the wild west of cloud-based applications, configuration abstraction is more important than ever before. Between VMs, containers, and PaaS services, in one region, or many, having centralized and flexible configuration is a must. Azure App Configuration is a fully managed Configuration-as-a-Service with a bunch of super helpful features! Let's dig into how to use App Configuration to setup our configuration, dynamically update settings without a redeploy or restart, and control feature availability in near real-time!

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