• Lowering in C# & Feature Flagging and Configuration

    Lowering in C# - David Wengier You probably think that the foreach statement in c# is for iterating through a collection, and, well, you're right. But do you know how it happens? Do you know what the compiler does when you type a foreach statement, or a lambda, or a yield? In this session we'll dig into the compiler internals of Roslyn, the C# compiler, and see what happens to your code when it gets compiled. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feature Flagging and Configuration using Azure App Configuration - Scott Holden In the wild west of cloud-based applications, configuration abstraction is more important than ever before. Between VMs, containers, and PaaS services, in one region, or many, having centralized and flexible configuration is a must. Azure App Configuration is a fully managed Configuration-as-a-Service with a bunch of super helpful features! Let's dig into how to use App Configuration to setup our configuration, dynamically update settings without a redeploy or restart, and control feature availability in near real-time!